Translating web novels for fun. (and since it’s for fun, I might not be super consistent on upload times, sorry, I’m trying my best okay? Okay?!)

Chapter Delay

Chapter delay~ I’ve been really busy this week, so I haven’t gotten around to translating much (about 1/6 for both Isekai Ryouridou and Monster no Goshujin-sama). So, the chapters will probably be delayed until soon (aka 3-4 days, probably). Please enjoy the wait!

Monster no Goshujin-sama: Volume 3 Chapter 18: Standoff On the Riverbank

Only now do I realize how potentially troublesome the name A.I.mtls is…oh well. Chapter~ (also no April Fools chapter because I was swamped in work…) Translator: Ai-sama Editor: iwCJ _________________________________________________________________________ Previous chapter:Idaten-chan was defeated. _________________________________________________________________________ “……That, was rather close” Sitting down on the riverbank, I murmured quietly.In front of me, is a rapidly flowing mountainContinue reading “Monster no Goshujin-sama: Volume 3 Chapter 18: Standoff On the Riverbank”

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