Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 16: New Challenge

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Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


“Today I’m going to try a new menu, Ai-Fa” 

At dusk, I declared that, but Ai-Fa just muttered a “do as you please” while wearing a sour expression. 

Perhaps, that that careless mistake from the afternoon might still be trailing. Well, even if I was sued for sexual harassment defeat would certainly be the outcome. Even if my character was slightly suspected, it couldn’t be helped. 

“[Giba Soup] has been well, completed as it is, but I’m tired of the same menu everyday. This time I’ll really surprise you so look forward to it, Ai-Fa”

“Do as you please”

“……By the way, I tried borrowing your dad’s clothes right away but how is it? Does it look good?”

“Doesn’t fit. It’s laughable. I shouldn’t have left it with you”

Uumu. It’s pretty serious, this. 

Well, if she eats delicious food her good mood will probably be restored. 

By the way, I didn’t feel like just having a fluttering waistcoat as upper wear, so at the least the T-shirt remained worn underneath. It could be a really heretical way of dressing, but I’m afraid of burns during cooking so please forgive me. And also, a towel on my head too. Cooking without it makes me feel restless. 

“Also, what’s more, the poitans have already been cooked. I’ve used a lot of firewood again, but I’ll work hard to collect it tomorrow, so please forgive me there”

Ai-Fa was silent, expressionless. 

In the end I’m not even given a reply. 

After smacking me and heading towards the forest as usual, she shouldn’t have seen me cooking the poitan, don’t you care about how it turned out?

“Well that aside. It’s a little early but shall we get started? If you’re not hungry, you better get hungry now”

I might have been the opposite of Ai-Fa, maybe even in a somewhat manic state. Challenging a new menu, I couldn’t help but to look forward to it. 

Originally, challenging grilled food was arranged for today.

Steaming or teriyaki, I was playing around with various ideas. But thanks to the poitan’s true nature being identified, it became possible to challenge the special menu that I was about to give up on midway. 

I’m not going to mess up. 

Today’s menu, is [Giba Hamburger]1

For short, it’s [Giba・Burg]

Heading to the food storage while humming, I carried the necessary ingredients in front of the kamado

Giba thigh meat, and rib meat, approximately 500 grams of each. 

6 arias, also known as pseudo-onions. 

Two pinches of pico leaves. 

Fruit wine. 

Mineral salt.

And, obtained from the poitan, magic extract. 

Because it wasn’t a large amount, it was put in a container made by folding the pseudo-rubber tree leaves.

Now then. It’s time to start cooking. 

First, cut off the fatty part that is about 1 centimeter thick and that sticks to the block of thigh meat.

It’s a bit regrettable, but it’s a substitute for lard. All the fat that was left on the fur has been processed into tallow candles for candlesticks, so next time I’ll secure some for food purposes. 

It’s already been five days since this meat was hunted, but there was no sign of damage anywhere. Pico leaves really have excellent antiseptic properties. 

However, regardless of the effectiveness of the pico leaves, the meat itself seem to gradually get damaged starting from about the second week. 

When that happens there’s no choice but to smoke it to preserve it but. There is still a mountain left over from the amount that was hunted 5 days ago, wondering if it can somehow be used well, it was bothering me everyday. 

Anyways, let’s cook.

Lighting the fire in the kamado, while the pot heated up, finely chop two arias. 

Once that’s done, next is the meat. 

Cut both the thigh and rib meat into small pieces, and finally, strike it with the knife. 

At the beginning, I used Ai-Fa’s father’s memento, the small knife. 

At the end, I used my old man’s soul, the santoku knife. 

It’s about 1 kilogram of meat, but there’s nothing to worry about. Because hamburg steak was a popular item on the menu of “Tsurumi-ya”, my hands were used to this process. 

In less than 10 minutes, the minced giba meat was ready. 

When I looked back at Ai-Fa, she was watching me with a grumpy look while in a sleeping Buddha pose.2

She usually sits quietly with a sense of respect for the cook but. Today she seems to be in a very bad mood. 

Even though the important giba meat has turned into a strange pink mound, is there not a single comment?

While forcing down some anxiety, I checked the heat. 

When I dropped a drop of water, it evaporated immediately. 

It’s time. 

Add a chunk of fat, spread it out with a wooden spatula (made by myself), and toss in two chopped arias. 

It’s a little annoying that you can’t move the metal pot unlike a frying pan, but I stirred it with the wooden spatula without being discouraged.

When some colour comes out, pour in the fruit wine. 

Until the alcohol is gone, stir carefully. 

When the green arias are baked to a golden brown colour, transfer them to a bowl using the wooden spatula. 

At our shop, we used a quarter of an onion for every 200 grams of minced meat, so using 2 whole onions for 1 kilogram, is a little bit over. 

But the difference isn’t that extreme, and because giba meat is quite peculiar, even if there are a lot of arias there shouldn’t be any problems. 

Until the baked arias cool down we can’t move on to the next step, so for now the rest of the arias will also be cut. 

These aren’t chopped, but rather sliced along the fibers. 

When I want to cook them softly, I cut them perpendicular to the fibers, but today I want to keep the texture, so I cut it this way. 

A total of four arias worth of slices, were piled up on top of the pseudo rubber tree leaves. 

Speaking of luxury, I just want a couple more cooking utensils. 

And so it seems that the arias have cooled down. Of course on top of the pseudo rubber tree leaves, scatter the minced meat. 

Then, sprinkle on the crushed mineral salt and pico leaves. 

Here, is the entry of the magic extract!

The sticky cream coloured paste, drop it on the pile of meat. (TN: Insert dirty joke)

The rest, is just mixing. 

When I looked at Ai-Fa, her eyes looked away. 

Sorry sorry. For the people of the forest who have a thin concept of cooking, it’s probably an interesting spectacle. I won’t disturb you anymore, so enjoy it as much as you want. 

After a couple of minutes of kneading, as expected, it became sticky. 

I scraped off the fat from the thigh meat, but the rib meat had plenty of fat on it too, so in terms of response, and in terms of colour as well, it was an impeccable finish. 

It’s perfect. The premonition of victory, sent shivers down my spine. 

Scrape off the meat paste from the palms of your hands, and paint the excess giba fat on your palms. It’s an anti-adhesive lubricant. 

If it’s too big then it becomes difficult to control the heat, so scoop out about one sixth of the meat, and mold it into an oval shape. Pon, pon, pon, and play catch with both of your hands, don’t forget to let the air out. 

With 1 mini burger weighing around 160 grams, there are 6. 

They’re cute. The colour is also a beautiful pink colour, I want to take a bite as is. 

That aside, how about the heat.

Umu. Slightly, too strong. Pulling the firewood close to my hand a little, I tried to adjust it based on intuition. 

In grilled dishes the amount of heat being just right, is the biggest bottleneck of this time’s menu. 

High heat at the beginning, low heat next一一being unable to adjust it like that, is quite painful. 

However, you can’t shake the sleeves you don’t have3, so the only thing left to play is using your head. 

Flexibility and creativity. And finally, decisiveness. 

I drop the fatty meat in the metal pot, waiting for it to dry up and for the fat to drain out, and then, I finally put in the giba patties. 

With a nice crisp tone, the irresistible scent scattered indoors. 

It’s a smooth pot with a round bottom, so being careful not to let the patties stick to each other, I quickly put all 6 in, and for a few seconds, I waited. 

If I mess up here, it’ll be ruined. 

While turning my senses to changes in smell, I checked the grilled surface by inserting the wooden spatula. 

Reducing the heat wasn’t necessary. My senses feel that it’s about time I turned them over, but it’s still about 8 minutes until they will get burnt. 

Well, it’s better than burning it. Even if a bit of the umami melted out of the meat, it would be the raw material for the sauce, that way the umami of the giba meat won’t be exhausted, is what I believe. 

Wait a few more seconds, and when there is enough browning, flip them over. 

Then, I immediately prepared for the next step一一and as I stepped back, I bumped into an obstacle. 

Uwa, you startled me! What is it, Ai-Fa!”

“……why do I have to go out of my own place of residence?”

“No, it didn’t mean that……ah, sorry, I got some prep to do”

Passing around Ai-Fa who was standing in an imposing stance, I grabbed the clay bottle of the fruit wine and a pile of arias in a leaf container. 

Standing in front of the metal pot once again, I put down the clay bottle, and checked the browning. 

It’s been around 8 minutes. It’s about time. 

“Ai-Fa, because hot stuff might fly, be careful okay?”

There was no reply, but hesitation was not allowed. I threw in the arias, and after pouring in the fruit wine with a dobodobo, I quickly closed the lid of the pot. 

Bujobaa4, pachipachi, loud sounds, I hear them with a slightly muffled feel. 

This cooking method, is an original for the [Giba・Burg].

When making a hamburger, you first make it so that the umami doesn’t escape by searing both sides with high heat, then to let the heat pass through, reduce the heat and grill it slowly, or usually you transfer it to an oven. 

Because neither of those are possible, I opted for steaming. 

This should allow the heat to pass through the meat before scorching the meat’s surface. 

For that reason, I made the patties smaller and thinner. 

Fine tuning the heat can’t be done. 

Both sides must be grilled over high heat. 

Then there is no choice but to do the whole process over high heat. 

Then you’ll have to make the patties smaller, and there is no choice but to challenge it in a short term decisive battle. 

Still, if you wait for the heat to pass through while using high heat, it’ll be burnt black. 

Hence, there is no choice but to heat it quickly by steaming. 

It’s a very simple, logical conclusion. 

Yoshi. It’s good now”

When I opened the lid, this time the scent containing the aroma of the fruit wine exploded. 

I pushed through the pile of arias with the wooden spatula, and broke one of the [Giba・Burg] patties in half. 

The meat, was a beautiful ivory colour. 

Redness, there was none left. 

“Ai-Fa. Can you pass me a bowl?”

While manipulating the other patties with the wooden spatula so that they didn’t burn I called out, and remaining silent, a wooden bowl was offered to me. 

Quickly putting three patties into it, I received another bowl, and rescued all of the remaining three. 

Yoshi. Once this one is cooked the rest will be done”

While saying that, I tried tasting a piece of aria. 

It already has a nice texture. It might be best not to grill it further. 

The sauce made from fat, meat juice, and fruit wine, is being boiled gently at the bottom of the pot. 

Throw in a pinch of mineral salt and pico leaves, and once it’s mixed well with the arias, it’s done. 

“Ai-Fa. The bowls once again”

As I said that, the bowls containing the patties were offered. 

Are. I don’t know because I couldn’t take my eyes off the pot, but was she holding the bowls in her hands the entire time while waiting?

Quite thoughtful. I think she really is a good girl. 

But well, I feel like I haven’t heard her voice for a pretty long while though. 

Let’s return to the main subject, anyway. 

Place the arias evenly in the two bowls, and once the sauce is drizzled on with the wooden spoon, the [Giba・Burg] is complete. 

Ah. Sit down and wait for a moment please”

I ran into the food storage, and brought out the poitans that I had put to rest. 

However, no one would be able to recognize them as poitans anymore. 

Looking at the objects lying on the pseudo rubber tree leaves, Ai-Fa tilted her head in suspicion. 

The cream colour was slightly browned, a round and flat object. 

If someone who lived in the same place as I was born saw it, they may have described it as an indian “naan”, or maybe an “okonomiyaki without ingredients”. 

This, was the true nature of poitan. 

“Well, anyway let’s eat it before it gets cold! The explanation for this will be done later”


  1. All mentions of “hamburger” in this chapter don’t mean the normal hamburger between bread and stuff, but rather “hamburg steak”. Search it up for more information.
  2. Google is your friend.
  3. “You can’t use something you don’t have” -japanese saying.
  4. If anyone knows what this is, please share (ぶじょばー). Well, it could just be an onomatopoeia.

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