Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 17: Chance Encounter

Heyo, chapter~ I don’t have time to write a message today, so I’ll secretly edit this later (yawns). Enjoy~ (falls asleep) (Wakes up) Nearly forgot, all “hamburgers” in this chapter are actually “hamburg steaks”. Alright back to sleep (Zzz).

Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


Let’s start from the conclusion. 

Poitans, aren’t [vegetables] but [grains], probably.

It’s all speculation. Because there isn’t any way to look into it. 

In any case, by assuming “that”, I was finally able to succeed in finding a method to cook this guy. 

The hint, was [nutritional value].

It’s not that difficult to understand. It’s an elementary school level story. 

The source of protein, is giba meat. 

Vitamins and fiber, the vegetable arias. 

Then, what about carbohydrates? That question, was the first revelation. 

What kind of body structure did the inhabitants of this world have, I didn’t know. But, since we look so similar, there shouldn’t be any problems even if I apply a little bit of my common sense to them. 

Ai-Fa, is a very healthy girl. 

Her skin is beautiful, she has a honed body, her strength, is probably stronger than mine. 

In order to build such an Ai-Fa, a well-balanced diet should be essential. 

So, Ai-Fa eats meat. She also eats vegetables. Then to not think that she also eats grains, would be rather unnatural. 

In the first place the things called carbohydrates, are a source of energy. 

Ai-Fa who is full of energy and strength comparable to wild animals doesn’t consume carbohydrates, such, I couldn’t think of it. 

“Poitans, aren’t vegetables, they’re grains”

The other breakthrough that led to such a conclusion, was the [texture] of the poitan. 

The first time I ate it, I thought.

“It’s as if, it’s wheat flour dissolved in water”1

Wheat flour. That is, grounded wheat grain. It’s flour. 

There was no need to grill it, roast it, or chew it raw. The answer was flickering in front of us from the beginning. 

The food habits of the people of the forest, I should have given more importance to them. 

Because [Stewing], was the only absolute answer. 

By boiling it with high heat, the poitan’s astringency is removed, and it dissolves into the water. 

Then the poitan, qualifies for human consumption. 

However, as it is it’s like tasteless muddy water. Walking a hundred steps2, it’s wheat flour dissolved in water.

If the wheat flour is dissolved in water, then I can simply turn it back into just wheat flour. 

After thinking those thoughts, I began to attack the poitan. 

Boil down poitan with a small amount of water, making a muddy poitan soup, and then apply heat to it to the limit. If it’s heated to the verge of burning, the poitan turns into a slime-like semi-liquid dough. 

If it’s left exposed in the Sun for about an hour, it eventually solidifies stiffly. 

Crushing it, when I tried eating it一一there was no taste or flavour, it was just powder. 

As expected, it endlessly resembled “wheat flour”.

If that’s the case, then I’ll treat it like wheat flour. 

My hunch, hit the mark. 

Dissolving the powdered poitan in water, when the fire was put on, it didn’t boil like a raw poitan, but began to burn and smolder. 

As if, like an okonomiyaki without ingredients. 

With the only few samples remaining, I tried baking the slime-like poitan in the same way without exposing it to the Sun, but that was no good. Only the moisture went away, after which only burnt powder remained. 

Letting it completely dry once, that was the deciding factor. 

What kind of molecular arrangement takes place within the poitan, I don’t know, and, I don’t particularly desire to know either. 

Anyway, I’ve found it. 

The right answer, for me. 

And一一my heart, apart from feeling of triumph that I had finally able to conquer the poitan, was also captured by intense joy and elation. 

Wheat flour, since the [binder] exists, I could challenge the [hamburger] that I was about to give up on. 

Binders, are ingredients used for connecting minced meat and meat. 

Normally, egg yolks and bread crumbs are used. 

Of course, even if a binder isn’t put in, a hamburger can be made. In the first place I’ve heard that it’s a unique Japanese culture to put a binder in a hamburger. Like “it’s okay if you add salt”, or “even if you add nothing if you mix well it’s okay”, I’ve heard various theories. 

But I’ve never made a hamburger that doesn’t use a binder, so I had to step down firmly on my two feet. 

Well there was only an abundance of meat left over, so should I try making a prototype during the day, I thought as I put it at the bottom of the to-make list. 

However, if there’s a binder, then it’s a different story. 

For steaming and teriyaki, they can be challenged at any time, and I don’t think they’re more difficult than stewed food. 

In that case, let’s do it, is what I felt like. 

A hamburger is, a so-called processed food. It’s a meat dish that doesn’t retain its original shape. Even if it was the most standard dish for me, for the people in this other world, it surely must seem to be a mysterious dish. 

If I’m able to succeed in making a hamburger, how surprised Ai-Fa would be一一when I thought about it like that, my chest was throbbing like a maiden in love. 

After such twists and turns, it was the time for the fifth day’s dinner. 

“They’ve turned into a very strange shape, but these are poitans. On their own they taste tasteless, so tearing them apart and eating them with the meat is, well it’s safe”

Three small [Giba・Burg]s, with sliced arias as garnish, and with plenty of drizzled fruit wine-based sauce. 

And, with a round shape that looks like an okonomiyaki, the grilled poitan. The size, is about 30 centimeters in diameter, and with a thickness of about 1 centimeter. 

“Well then, itadakimasu

Ai-Fa also showed a gesture with her left hand like drawing a line in front of her mouth with her fingertips, and chanted something with her mouth. 

Then from there she took her bowl and spoon, and with a doubtful face, she stared around the [Giba・Burg] as expected. 

Sneaking in some glances at her while she was in that position, I put the wooden spoon into my patty. 

Un. Firmness-wise, there’s no problem. The cross section is also unreasonably juicy, firstly the finished outcome is good.  

However, in this case, the problem with ingredient compatibility remained. 

Let’s make a hamburger with boar meat, the people who would say that, well there shouldn’t be that many. 

The reason, as you have guessed is because boar meat isn’t suitable for making hamburgers. 

Only after going through the process of [boiling].

I think that it’s due to the nature of the fat percentage, but boar meat is meat that becomes softer the more it’s boiled. 

If you eat it after using other processes, then as expected boar meat is categorized as hard meat. 

Of course if it’s processed with the right procedure, it’s isn’t hard to that extent. But, it wouldn’t be softer than beef or pork. 

And yet, going on the royal road of hamburgers (TN: royal road -> easy method), is beef. 

Just as popular, is a combination with ground pork. 

A pork only hamburger, isn’t heard of that much. 

And, wild boars are the original species of pigs, so as expected its meat quality is close to that of pork’s. 

Boar meat is not at all suitable for hamburgers一一I thought, it tasted exactly the same, the giba meat. What’s the result of a hamburger made from that giba meat? Even if I can surprise Ai-Fa, am I able to convince myself一一

Now, let’s test.3

I, scooped up some [Giba・Burg] with the wooden spoon, and threw it into my mouth. 

The still sufficiently hot meat juices, with a vigor that felt like getting burned, spread within my mouth. 

The first impression was一一it’s [sweet]. 

What’s this. There’s an amazingly sweet taste. Boar meat, no, is it the sweetness of fat particular to giba meat?

Along with its mellow sweetness, there’s a slightly peculiar meat flavor, the aroma of the fruit wine sauce spreaded out一一delicious, I thought. 

As expected the meat, is quite chewy for a hamburger. Even after it’s been minced so carefully, it still remains this chewy. 

But, it’s not an unpleasant chewiness. The meat is hard, rather than that, it has a firm chewiness, is what can be said. 

And, when chewed the meat juices overflow again, umami and moisture spreads in the mouth. 

……it’s no good. 

I after all, like meat with a strong taste more than an average person. 

Like boar meat, or like lamb, or like duck. That kind of strong flavoured meat, I like it. 

That’s why……obediently, I say it’s delicious, is what I think. 

Evaluating it objectively isn’t possible. 

In other words, it’s delicious, amazingly so!

Along with the sliced arias, and plenty of sauce, and I once again brought it to my mouth.


It’s unreasonably delicious. 

Maybe I, would give a boar meat hamburger the same rating. 

It’s simply embarrassing to give such an over evaluation to the food that I cooked myself, but it really is delicious. 

If there was one fault, it’s that I want to taste it with a thicker patty, is what it is. 

For the thickness of a well grilled surface on both sides, the relative weight of the meat containing the meat juices inside, is small. 

What seems to be dissatisfying, that’s about it. 

Tearing a piece of poitan and putting it in my mouth, again this was delicious. 

The ideal is white rice, but as expected vegetables and grains are indispensable for meat. 

There’s probably a lot of countries where that’s not the case, but I was raised in that kind of country. I was raised in that kind of a household. Meat and carbohydrates, as well as vegetables. No matter which one is missing, the ideal would never be reached. 

And this, the bland taste of grains, it’s been a long time since I last tasted this taste. 

I, more than I thought, this makes me realize that I was hungry for carbohydrates. 

Poitan, are not as chewy as bread or naan, as expected without ingredients, it’s the kind of food like okonomiyaki without even eggs. But even then it’s still delicious, is what I think. 

1 poitan in three hamburgers is pretty few. [Giba・Burg] had a very rich taste, so I felt like I could eat around two more if I felt like it. 

Even though the poitan was so evasive, I thought as I involuntarily laughed bitterly一一and then, a “what are you laughing at, you”, was coldly tossed towards me. 

Hearing it for the first time in a while, it was Ai-Fa’s voice. 

That was bad.4 Engrossed in eating once again, I was distracted from what Ai-Fa was doing. 

About my eating habits, I too mostly do a bit of reflection. 

Aah, Ai-Fa. The taste, how is it?”

When I looked, Ai-Fa had already eaten more than half of the poitan, and was about to finish eating her second hamburger. 

Fast. I’m only just about to finish eating my first one. 

After swallowing what she had brought up to her mouth, Ai-Fa said one word, “delicious”.

“Thank you for that! ……but, if you can tell me your impressions in a little more detail, I would be happy but……”

When I said that, this time I was told “I hate that”.


“I hate that. My impressions and such, I don’t want to say them”

Ehhhhh. Whyy? From this afternoon, are you still angry?”

“This afternoon?” she said as she tilted her head. 

Aah. You lost yourself and committed a rude act. I completely forgot about that”

“You forgot……then why, aren’t you telling me your impressions?”

“Noisy!5 I don’t want to say them, because I don’t want to say them!”

After that, a mysterious phenomenon occurred. 

Ai-Fa’s face turned bright red, she slumped down while hiding her face in the bowl she was holding. 

“That’s enough already! Stop looking at me!”

I don’t get it at all. 

Well it’s fine. It seems that today her emotions are unstable, so let’s just ask her for her impressions at a later date. I can’t deny the feeling of being let down, but the evaluation of [delicious] was received so一一

And, when I thought to there.

From an unexpected direction, an unexpected voice came out. 

Nee.6 What are you eating?”

Me and Ai-Fa, looked in that direction while stunned. 

Next to the kamado, from the window. 

Outside the window which was getting pretty dark一一through the grid, a small face emerged. 

“Hey! It smells really good but. Is that giba? What’s that white thing over there?”

“Rimi-Ruu. ……I told you not to approach my house”7

She said, Ai-Fa who erased her surprised expression answered like it was nothing, I was a bit relieved. As long as you know her face, then there’s no problem. We’re not shady. 

But still, who is it, this child?

Because she’s short, only her reddish brown hair and round eyes could be seen from the window, I didn’t even know what kind of face she had. 

“No way! I’m meeting you for the first time in a long time, why are you saying such mean things? ……Hey! What are you eating? What does it taste like? Who made it? That guy, is he Ai-Fa’s husband?”

“Don’t be stupid! With such a pale man, why would I!”

Those words, hurt me hard. 


Ai-Fa’s face when yelling like that, was the reddest yet until now. 


Offset, let’s call it. 

Naa, who in the world is that kid?”

I asked Ai-Fa, but it was the person in question who answered. 

“Rimi-Ruu is Rimi-Ruu! The youngest daughter of the Ruu clan! Rimi-Ruu, is Ai-Fa’s friend!”

“Don’t be silly. I don’t remember making friends with you, Rimi-Ruu”

While putting her spoon on the last hamburger, Ai-Fa said that in a colder voice than usual. 

“Noisy children like you, I hate them”


The child who called herself Rimi-Ruu, looked puzzled for a moment. 

The next moment, it exploded. 


Like that, she started to bawl. 

“H, hey, Ai-Fa, about how you’re not too popular with children too……” I said, as my voice tried to chide her, my voice was drowned out by that crying. 

It was an amazing cry. My eardrums hurt. 

“Rimi-Ruu lobeeesss AaaaAi-Fuaa”, (TN: Rimi-Ruu loves Ai-Fa) only those words, I managed to analyse out. 

At any rate. 

The one that will decide my fate in the future, my encounter with the youngest daughter of the Ruu clan, happened like this.


  1. So here, MC uses two different words for flour: (小麦粉) and (穀粉). In the previous chapters, I just translated it as “flour”, since japanese is hard. However, he seemed to have always meant specifically “wheat flour”. So in the sentence below, “wheat flour” is (小麦粉), while general “flour” is (穀粉).
  2. To be unwilling but to give in.
  3. Here, MC uses shobu (勝負), which roughly translates to match, game, etc. I couldn’t fit those in easily, so I went with this.
  4. Not sure how to TL (いかん)
  5. Ah, the return of (やかましい). Help.
  6. Just in case you don’t know, nee used in this case is basically “hey”.
  7. This could be as in her physical house or her clan.

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