Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 18: The Youngest Daughter of the Ruu Clan Rimi-Ruu

Surprise~! I know, it’s a Christmas miracle right? It’s not Christmas yet you say? Fine… Here’s your bonus Halloween chapter, it’s only two months late! Welp, anyways, once again, hamburger = hamburg steak. Enjoy~

Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


“Rimi-Ruu, loved Ai-Fa and Giru-Faa. When Giru-Fa was still alive, both Giru-Fa and Ai-Fa played a lot with Rimi-Ruu!”

A few minutes later. 

The mysterious visitor Rimi-Ruu, sandwiched between me and Ai-Fa, started talking like that while smiling and laughing. 

It’s like her crying just a while ago was a lie, her face was full of smiles.

Anyways I couldn’t do anything to get her to stop crying, so I invited her into the house, but whether I calmed her down or gave her space, the tears spilling from those big eyes wouldn’t stop. 


“……when I said that I hate you, it was a lie”

While holding her temples to stifle a headache, Ai-Fa said that. 

“However, since I’ve gained the resentment of the Sun clan, you from the Ruu clan approaching me, is not good. I’ve explained this many times haven’t I?”

With just that by itself, Rimi-Ruu completely stopped crying. 

“I’m not afraid of the Sun clan! Even my dad, always says that! If that blockhead is the heir, then it isn’t long for the Sun clan anymore! Eventually the Ruu clan will have no choice but to become the leader of the people of the forest!”

“Because clan head Donda-Ruu is a person with that kind of a temper, it’s even worse. If there’s a conflict between the Sun and Ruu clans, couldn’t that be the destruction of the village by the forest?”

After Rimi-Ruu’s tears stopped, Ai-Fa had also gotten colder than usual. 

Even still Rimi-Ruu was beaming with the smile on her face. 

When she laughs, she’s an adorable child. 

Age-wise, she seems around 7 to 8 years old or so. She was tiny, really small. Height-wise, she didn’t even reach my chest. 

Her hair was short, had a reddish brown colour, and was as fluffy as dandelions. Her skin was of course a chocolate brown colour, and her eyes were a bright light blue like a clear spring sky. 

Her clothes were a large beautifully patterned cloth, wrapped around from her right shoulder to below her waist, it looked like a one-shoulder one piece. Her slender arms and legs were bare, but she’s a child so she isn’t guilty. 

And, on her chest, a necklace with three fangs or horns strung together swung around. 

I don’t think such a small child could hunt giba, so maybe this was purely a kind of ornament or charm. 

“……Nee, you were a stranger right?”

She said, while her big round eyes, looked at me. 

They’re really beautiful, light blue eyes. 

Even though they’re the same blue, from the deeper, sometimes burning like fire eyes of Ai-Fa, they’re completely different. 

“A suspicious stranger with a suspicious appearance came to Ai-Fa’s house. He will bring disaster, a fo, foreigner? He may be one, so Rimi-Ruu was told by dad to absolutely not approach until his identity was known!”

Fuun. And yet you approached?”

While being half-distracted by the [Giba・Burg]s that were steadily losing heat, I responded. 

“I didn’t approach! But, I saw you today, and you were wearing Giru-Fa’s clothes! So I thought that you weren’t a stranger anymore”

I mostly expected this, but as expected this “Giru-Fa”, it’s the name of Ai-Fa’s father huh. 

Whether it’s okay to call that name so casually, at the moment I can’t tell.

Nee! Since you gave him your clan’s clothing, you mean that you welcome this man as family right? Even so, this person isn’t Ai-Fa’s husband?”

“I don’t care about such old customs! It was eyesore to see this guy’s appearance being dirty all the time, so I just gave him the extra clothes!”

Umu, hurts. 

But, your face is bright red. 

I’m praying that it wasn’t a blushing expression of pure anger, I’d die.1

“Rimi-Ruu, return home already! Being the source of conflict between the Sun and Ruu clans, is something I decline. Go back, don’t come here again”

“No way. Dad, staying away from strangers, was the only thing he told me. This person isn’t a stranger anymore, so it’s okay”

After glaring while blushing at the giggling face of Rimi-Ruu, Ai-Fa said “have it your way” and picked up her half finished bowl. 

Immediately a look of interest and curiosity spread over Rimi-Ruu’s young face. 

Nee, what’s that? Why does it smell like that? Is it giba meat? That flat thing that has a colour like a poitan, what is it?”

Ai-Fa didn’t answer, and started eating silently. 

Well then, I too一一and, when I reached for my bowl following Ai-Fa, the little girl’s neck turned to point towards me. 

“Before this you two, came back with a giba right? Is that giba that meat? Why does it look like this? Where did the poitan soup go?”

“Let’s see……this guy, I made it. It has a funny shape, but this is giba meat, and this one here is poitan.”

I don’t have the skills to pass through2 such an innocent child, so I had no choice but to respond like this. 

Rimi-Ruu’s eyes, glinted with an even more intense curiosity, and words that I had half expected were released from her little mouth. 

“What does it taste like? I want to eat it!”

I bit back a sigh, and looked back at Ai-Fa.

“Excuse me, Ai-Fa. Giving food to people from other clans, does that go against some kind of taboo?”

“…….such a taboo, doesn’t exist”

Although she ultimately had an unhappy face, she didn’t stop for now. If that’s the case, then I don’t mind. I’ve become more hungry, but i’m not going to be that gluttonous. Besides, a third party’s impressions are the most valuable thing to a chef. 

“Well then, let me give you a taste. I think it’s completely different from ordinary giba meat, so don’t be surprised okay?”

When I said that and tried to hold out the bowl, the little girl smiled, and opened her mouth with a “Ahn”.

Should I be, on alert?

Feeling Ai-Fa’s cold gaze on my right cheek, I cut two bite-sized pieces of hamburger and aria slices, and I put it in that small mouth with the wooden spoon. 

Pakun, the little girl’s mouth closed. 

And then, her mouth moved with a monyumonyu.

Her light blue round eyes, widened to become even rounder. 

Eto, how’s the taste……” “Ahn

So there you have it. 

Well, I’ll overlook a couple of bites. 

But, any more than this might interfere with onii-san’s nutritional intake right~?

With that in mind, this time I added in some torn grilled poitan. 




Big eyes, kuwaa.3

Such a variety of facial expressions, it’s rare for a child to fit onomatopoeia this well. 




And then I, was grabbed. 

Ahh, being grabbed by a person who has lost themselves, is this bad for the heart huh. I regret that I’ve done something so terrible to Ai-Fa. 

No, this isn’t the time for reflection. 

Rimi-Ruu, was grabbing my T-shirt with her tiny fingertips, and started shaking my body with a superhuman strength that I couldn’t think of as a child’s. 

“Delicious! It’s really delicious! Why can it be so delicious?! This is giba!? Why is it so soft!? Nee, why!?”

From the first night, the word “delicious” that I had struggled to twist out of Ai-Fa, was called out so easily. 

But well regardless it’s extremely high praise. This is what chefs are all about. 

Even so, she’s too strong. As expected of hunters, could their muscle structure be different from such a young age?

“Stop it. Don’t disrupt the meal”

Who helped me there, was Ai-Fa. 

Before I knew it it seems that she’d finished her meal, grabbed Rimi-Ruu’s neck like a cat, and pulled her off without any difficulty. 

“Food, is a means of survival. It’s a taboo to threaten the life of another party by disturbing their meal, didn’t you learn that from your clan head?”

“……I’m sorry”

Half hanging from Ai-Fa, Rimi-Ruu quickly bowed her head. 

For a change, she had a dejected look on her face. 

“It was delicious. Thank you. I’m sorry for disturbing you. Rimi-Ruu is……” she said, while tilting her small neck down. It’s a gesture that really fits an onomatopoeia. 

“……Rimi-Ruu, doesn’t know your name. What is your name?”

“I, am Tsurumi Asuta. If it’s hard to say, Asuta is fine”

“Churu……Asuta. Rimi-Ruu would like to extend gratitude and an apology to Asuta from the Fa clan”

Isn’t this kind of bad, I thought as I waved my hand casually. 

“Naw, it’s fine. I was surprised. For the compliments, thanks. ……Ai-Fa too, thanks for stopping her?”4

Fun” she snorted unfriendly, Ai-Fa also sat back in her original position. 

Rimi-Ruu was released from Ai-Fa, and sat down on the spot with a pitari and while thinking, she held her small knees, and stopped talking. 

(……about the people of the forest, I don’t know much huh)

However, even though her words and actions were somewhat careless, this is the first time in the five days that I’ve been in this other world, that I met someone from the people of the forest that didn’t avoid Ai-Fa. 

Fearing the Sun clan, the other residents refuse to interact with Ai-Fa. Compared to that, seeing the opposite which is liking Ai-Fa to this extent is amusing. I wish we could get along better, is what I think. 

However, after that both Ai-Fa and Rimi-Ruu didn’t try to open their mouths, so I also decided to continue eating silently.

It had cooled down a lot, but was still delicious. Personally, it was a very satisfying result. 

Gochisousamadeshita. ……Now then, it looks like it’s getting rather dark, are you able to go home alone, Rimi-Ruu?”

When I called out, Rimi-Ruu who was holding her knees with a pondering expression, raised her face like she was surprised. 

And then, she stood up suddenly while thinking, this time put both knees onto the bed sheet, and held out both arms towards me. 

“From Rimi-Ruu of the Ruu clan, a request to Asuta of the Fa clan! Would you please lend me your help?”

I was puzzled, and looked sideways at Ai-Fa. 

Ai-Fa was in a position with one knee up, raising her eyebrows suspiciously. 

“The wondrous meal you’ve made, please also bless the oldest of the Ruu clan Jiba Ruu with it! Jiba-Ruu……at this rate, she will soon die!”

From the light blue eyes of Rimi-Ruu, large tears again began to flow. 

However, this time she didn’t cry out loud一一Rimi-Ruu, covered her face as if unable to hold back, and started sobbing and crying without a voice.


  1. Not sure how to translate (相殺), “offset” doesn’t feel right here.
  2. From what I could find, it (スルーできるスキル) seems to mean something along the lines of being able to give out information without guilt/anxiousness, or something like that.
  3. Onomatopoeia for biting down, chewing, swallowing, and opening eyes wide.
  4. MC might seem rude here for saying that as a question, but it’s most likely just a problem with my translation.

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