Isekai Ryouridou: Chpater 20: The Ruu Clan①Before Going to the Front Lines

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Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


And so, we were headed for the Ruu clan’s main family.

I’m happy that that was decided, but it wasn’t as if there were no problems. 

I only found out, the next morning, it was when Rimi-Ruu appeared as promised. 

Finishing the work at the water, Rimi-Ruu came while I was cleaning my knife, when I told her “I’ll help you”, she made a big smile that made me happy just by looking at it and shouted “Thank you!”. 

And then, she said this.

“Well then, before dusk, come to my house! The ingredients will be properly prepared!”

Un?”, I said while tilting my head. 

“What do you mean by ingredients? Cooking in this house, and delivering the finished product was what I intended though?”

“That’s no good! A meal made in that house has to be eaten in that house!”

I wasn’t sure so I asked for details, and apparently it was a promise in the forest. 

To be accurate, let’s say it this way. 

『The person who prepared the meal, must eat the same thing in the same place as the person being served』

In short, could it be a prohibition to prevent people from making food that would be harmful to their bodies, this.

Fumu. I don’t really get it, but I’m supposed to go to the Ruu’s house, cook there, and eat the same thing as your grandmother together with her right?”

Having to cook in a place that I’m visiting for the first time puts on a bit of pressure, but well I can’t let such a little thing discourage me. 

However, the real challenge was yet to come. 

Un. But it’s not just granny Jiba ok? It’s a lot of work because my family is so big, Rimi-Ruu will also work hard so let’s do our best!”

Eh? Not just your grandmother, do I have to make food for your entire family?”

Un. I mean, to be entrusted a kamado, that’s what it means isn’t it?”1

“Is that what it means?”

“That’s what it means! Asuta, is such a strange person”

Finally even a young girl of 7, 8 years has recognized me as an eccentric. 

Please give me a break. I’m still learning the forest’s rules. 

“I know. That aside I’m going to make food for your entire family right? It’s not like I don’t want to make it, rather it’s more rewarding to have various people eat it. ……So, how many family members are there in the Ruus’ house?”

Un let’s see……”, Rimi-Ruu said as she counted and folded her fingers. 

When both of her small finger fingertips were folded, (TN: aka 10) I shouted “oi oi” in my head. 

“……Un, including Rimi-Ruu, 13 people!”

“Thir, thirteen people huh. That’s quite a large family”

Ah. But, Kota-Ruu is only one year old and can only drink milk, so preparing food for 12 people is fine ok? The women who were originally in charge of the kamado will also help!”

“12 people huh. ……Well, if that’s about it, it’ll work out some way or another. The menu for everyone, is it fine that it’s that one from yesterday?”

Un! Of course! Rimi-Ruu is really looking forward to it!”

Fumu. ……Well, if you think about it, even if I could feed your grandmother this one time tonight, it won’t be a solution to the root problem. If I could give a lecture on delicious food to the women of the Ruu clan, it would be safe tomorrow and beyond……”

“What’s a lekucha?”

Aah. See, I can’t take care of the Ruu clan’s kamado everyday right? Since that’s the case, after tomorrow, you guys will have to feed your grandmother delicious food”

Ehh! Rimi-Ruu and the others will also be able to make such delicious food?!”

“The heat control in that dish from yesterday is a bit hard though. Un……ah, come to think of it, if you have a family of 13, your house shouldn’t just have one pot right?”

“Pots? We do have 4 pots”

“4 was it! That’s great!”

In the end, somehow I was getting kind of excited. 

With 4 pots, food for 12 people一一no, if you include me and Ai-Fa’s portions, for a total of 14 people’s portions.

The opponent, is an elder with almost no teeth, and influential people in the village who may hold animosity to me as an outsider. 

Isn’t this a development that tickles the soul of a chef?

“I understand. Then I’ll prepare the giba meat here, so please secure the necessary amount of arias and poitans okay? After that rock salt, and fruit wine as well”

Eh? We have a lot of meat at home though?”

“The important thing, is the meat. When I get the chance, I want to also teach you how to prepare delicious giba meat”

In my mind, the cooking plan was beginning to steadily expand. 

Then, Rimi-Ruu tottered up to me, and on the helm of the clothes I was wearing, she squeezed it slightly reservedly. 

“Asuta. Truly thank you very much. With this I’m sure that granny Jiba, won’t cry while saying that she wants to die anymore. ……Such a hard task, thank you for accepting it”

“Don’t cry, dummy. We still haven’t confirmed that it will work that well yet you know?”

Uun! It’ll be okay! Asuta’s food is really delicious!”

And then Rimi-Ruu, looked back at Ai-Fa who had since earlier been quietly absorbed in doing maintenance on her sword in a corner of the hall. 

“Thank you too Ai-Fa! When granny Jiba gets well, let’s play together again! Well then, till dusk!”

Ah, it takes a little bit of time to prepare, so could we bother you to come a little earlier than at dusk?”

When I interjected on behalf of the silent Ai-Fa, Rimi-Ruu said “Un! Got it!”, and leaving a big smile, she left the house. 

Seriously, she’s a child like a bundle of energy in a different sense from Ai-Fa, was what I unintentionally blurted out of my mouth. 

“What are you getting heated up for. Your a creepy guy, aren’t you?”

Ooh! You finally spoke to me, Ai-Fa! The contents of your words are rude, but I’m feeling kind of relieved”

“……shut up”2

Sitting down against the wall, without even looking at me, she was staring at her silver gleaming knife. Her expression, was the usual sour look. 

Well, last night she showed me a weakened state, so she’s probably regretting and regretting. I can only imagine what’s in her heart. 

“But hey, I never thought we would end up sitting around the table together. You knew it from the beginning didn’t you, Ai-Fa?”

“Of course. To be in charge another house’s kamado, that’s what it means”

Umu. Being entrusted with the kamado is a responsible job huh, I think it’s a really wonderful rule. 

“But if that’s the case, with Rimi-Ruu’s dad, I’m going to meet him face to face. ……But, you’ll come with me right, Ai-Fa?”

“Are you an idiot? A man who doesn’t yet know the ways of this world like you, could I send you to another house by yourself!”

Saying that as if howling, she was glaring at my feet. 

“If you have no intention to cut ties with me, that would be natural”

“That’s true. No, it’s a big help. As expected being alone is lonely” 

I took a few steps closer to Ai-Fa, and at a distance where she barely couldn’t reach even if she were to reach out, I sat down. 

Because Ai-Fa’s line of sight still remained fixed, it was at my feet, but now it rose to my chest. 

But still, when she put her hands on the floor and looked downwards, it wasn’t her line of sight but rather the tip of her blade that approached. 

“I’m sorry. Just kidding”

“A man like you……such a thing, is it really possible for you to take charge of a kamado of the Ruu clan?”

The blade retracted, and this time her line of sight flew straight. 

To tell the truth, since getting up today, the times I’ve properly made eye contact with Ai-Fa, this was the first one. 

Blood immediately began to rush to her sensitive face, but like that Ai-Fa continued speaking in a rough tone. 

“Being in charge of another house’s kamado, means to be in charge of the lives of the people from that other house. If something in the food you make makes people from the Ruu family sick, you nor me will get away with it okay? Shaving off both of your ears, breaking all of your teeth, you could even be banished from the forest!”

Hee. Such an important task with the kamado, you left it to me so easily”

“Such old customs, I don’t care about them! However, there are many people in the forest who don’t think the same!”

“I got it I got it. But, I won’t let anyone wake up with food poisoning. Who do you think I am?”

A 17 year old, apprentice chef without even a cooking license? ……I intended it to be a boke3, but Ai-Fa bit her pink lips, and stopped talking for a while. 

Her face remained bright red, with an expression like a unruly child. 

But, it was very much like Ai-Fa. 

Last night, compared to the downcast state that wasn’t like Ai-Fa at all, the remarkable difference was lovely. 

And, after being silent for quite a long time, “Don’t get distracted, is what I’m saying”, Ai-Fa tossed out those words. 

“The one who knows your skill best, is this me. If it’s you, you’ll be able to save Rimi-Ruu and Jiba-Ruu. However, if you’re not careful you could be swept off your feet”

Uwa……I’m a little moved”

I wanted to get closer and pick her up if it were possible, but I could really be killed in today’s situation, so I restrained myself. 

“If you can speak like that, then you should be fine now. Don’t worry, with my meagre honor, I’ll help Rimi-Ruu and the others”

And, this time I added the reason “for Ai-Fa” to it. 

In order to help Rimi-Ruu and Jiba-Ruu who Ai-Fa cherishes, I will wield my kitchen knife. 

In this situation, I shouldn’t be off guard nor can I be prideful. 

While looking at Ai-Fa who had a perpetually angry face, something like a hot fighting spirit running around my entire body, was what I felt. 

Definitely, I’ll succeed in my job. 

This, for the sake of my first dear existence in this other world.


  1. I’m pretty sure the manga used the term firekeeper I think?
  2. Hello again やかましい, it’s been 3 weeks or so, I didn’t miss you…anyways, did some more research and it seems that it and “urusai” mean similar things, I’ll be using “shut up” from now on. Victory~!
  3. The funny man of the duo.

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