Isekai Ryouridou: Chapte 21: ②The Women of the Ruu Clan

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Hee……so this is the Ruu clan’s, headquarters huh”

I instinctively, gave out a voice of admiration like that. 

The main Ruu family’s house, was one hour from Ai-Fa’s place, guessing by the position of the Sun, and it was in a location down the road towards the south. 

There were no noticeably large buildings. 

Instead, more than in any other place that I’d seen, numerous buildings were densely packed together.

Of course, in a spot with plenty of extra space, they were built with space to spare, but the difference was clear when compared to other dwellings. 

In the center, there was a yellow compacted square-like area. 

It was about half the area of a schoolground. 

Surrounding it, there were exactly seven wooden houses standing in rows. 

As for their size, all of them were about two times larger than Ai-Fa’s dwelling. 

Even if they’re a large family of 13, so many dwellings should be unnecessary. 

“……the one who succeeds the house is the clan head, and when their brothers marry their wives they will set up new dwellings near the main family. Some of them, are probably the dwellings of those brothers”

Holding 5 kilograms of giba thigh meat that was carefully wrapped in pseudo-rubber leaves, Ai-Fa explained it like that. 

While holding a package of 5 kilograms of shoulder loin in the same way, I nodded back with an “I see”.

“So, what’s this square in the middle? It’s a space that could almost be used for a small sports festival”1

“Sports festival? ……This would be a place for weddings and funerals. If you gathered people who have at least a small connection to the Ruu clan, well there wouldn’t be less than 100 people”

Of the total 500 people of the forest, up to a fifth of those people are related to the Ruu clan huh. 

Well, on the other hand it’s a village of only 500, so if outside blood isn’t introduced there’ll be a bunch of relatives in no time, is what I also think. 

“That’s enough pointless chatter. Let’s go” and with that I started catching up to Ai-Fa, and I also stepped foot into the square. 

“Ai-Fa! Asuta! Welcome to the Ruu’s house! That really was really fast”

Of course, it was Rimi-Ruu. 

By the way, currently it was still about midway between noon and sunset. 

My feeling is, that it’s sometime around 3 p.m.

“I have quite a bit to do. Do you mind if I start now?”

Un! Then I’ll take care of our guests’ blades!”

Ai-Fa while staying silent, held out a large and a small blade. 

I hadn’t put in any thought for this, so I ended up a bit flustered. 

Naa, Rimi-Ruu. I want to cook with my own knife, but is that a bad thing after all?”

Nn? If it’s a knife to cut meat, we have a lot of them though?”

“No, my knife is specially tailored”

With that, I picked up the santoku knife that was attached at my waist as if like in a yakuza movie. 

By the way today too, I was wearing the colourful vest over my T-shirt, with the part at the waist tied and white shoes on my feet, and a white towel was wrapped around my head, an extremely hybrid outfit. 

To tell the truth I wanted to try to wear the prided white chef’s clothes, but after considering that it was better not to assert too much that I was a foreigner, this was the outfit. 

And, while curiously looking around the santoku knife that I held up, Rimi-Ruu tilted her small neck with a “fuun”.

“If that’s the case, then Rimi-Ruu will hold onto it in the space until the kamado! I can’t invite you into the house if you’re carrying your blades!”

I breathed out a sigh of relief, and held out my santoku knife and the small knife. 

One big sword, two small knives, and a santoku knife totaled to four blades received by Rimi-Ruu, and while holding them respectfully with both of her hands, “This way then!”, she said back. 

Now then, wondering whether demons will appear or snakes will appear, I was preparing to meet the people of the Ruu clan with that kind of spirit. After that, figures appeared from the entrance and the back of the building一一all of them were graceful women. 

I see. At this hour, all the men are out in the forest. 

In front of me who was suffering from disappointment2, and Ai-Fa who was acting normally, 6 women lined up in a row. 

“I brought the guests! They’re the Fa clan’s Ai-Fa and Asuta!”

6 pairs of eyes that sparkled with curiosity, hit me without any wariness whatsoever. 

These 5 days, for me who had simply been politely ignored, this was also an unexpected event. 

It was a barrage of stares. 

It’s a family of 13, so even if half of them are women there isn’t anything strange with it. However, I was somewhat overwhelmed. 

The number of married women wearing single long robes was 3. 

Putting them on over their chest and hips, there were 3 unmarried women with long hair. 

One, was an old woman. However, I didn’t think that she was granny Jiba. She had a very plump figure, and her standing posture was also full of energy. Moreover, a sort of fatty smell was fluttering around. 

Another one, was a middle aged woman. She seemed to be about my parents’ generation. She also had a really healthy roundness, and she was also quite tall. She gave off the feeling of a staunch mother. 

And一一after them, the rest were all young. 

Two of them seemed to be older than me. 

One of them, was wearing a long robe and carrying a small baby. But, both of them were probably somewhere around 20 years old. 

In addition, one person seemed to be around the same age as me, and one seemed to be younger than me. 

That makes a total of 6 people. 

If you included the baby and Rimi-Ruu, 8 people in total. 

“This is aunty Tito-Min, and beside her is mother Mia-Rei! Next that’s big bro Jiza’s wife Sati-Rei, and her baby Kota! The rest are big sis Vina and big sis Reina and big sis Lara!”3

Oi oi, introducing them all at once like that……” I said, and then my heart bounced. 

“……hey, just now, did you say Reina?”


The one who tilted her head in confusion, was the girl that was about the same age as me. 

Her black hair that was a little rare for the people of the forest, was tied to make two ponytails. She was short, and quite small, her innocent looking expression was a bit similar to Rimi-Ruu’s……and as expected, she had dark skin and blue eyes. 

(……That’s right. What were you thinking, me)

It was simply, that this girl just happened to have the same name as my childhood friend. 

But, she wasn’t similar to Reina at all. Reina had a more childish looking face, she had short hair, and she wasn’t so clearly beautiful. Well, she had a lovely face that looked like that of a small animal though. The only thing that could be called similar, was that, she had a short-ish figure that only reached to around my shoulders. 

“Sorry. It’s nothing. That’s the same name as one of my acquaintances, so I just reacted”

“Well. Did you have a companion4 with the same name as me?” 

Again with the vibe as Rimi-Ruu, she smiled innocently.

Aah一一the way she smiles, maybe she had a bit in common with Reina. I mean, I’m sure Reina was more innocent and childish than her age, so I think that just that part is something that this girl and Rimi-Ruu have in common with her. 

“……Fa clan’s Ai-Fa and, this man is a family member Asuta. Today on the request of Rimi-Ruu, we have come to take charge of the Ruu clan’s kamado

In a voice a slight bit stronger than usual, Ai-Fa voiced out a pronouncement like that. 

The old woman who emitted the smell of fat, “Welcome, Fa clan’s Ai-Fa and Asuta”, responded with a soft and thick voice perfect for her appearance. 

“The Ruu clan, welcomes you. Lara, please take care of the hunter clothes”

Eh一Me!?”, the smallest girl excluding Rimi-Ruu said in an unsatisfied voice. 

No, her age was probably 13, 14 years old, but height-wise she might have been bigger than the Reina girl from earlier. 

She had a stubborn look like that of a boy, her limbs and torso were slender, but she somehow gave off a more sharpened atmosphere compared to the other girls. The tied hair on the top of her head was of a more vibrant red than Rimi-Ruu’s, and her eyes were a vibrant blue like the ocean. 

Reluctantly moving forward, looking from the side as the girl called Lara accepted the fur mantle from Ai-Fa, the aunty that I believe was called Tito-Min smiled broadly. 

“You wanted to use the kamado’s space from an early time, so I’ve cleaned up the grease work as soon as possible. The rest is up to you. Eeto, originally the one who was entrusted with the kamado today was……”

“It was Rimi, granny Tito-Min, and big sis Reina!”

“That’s right. Rimi and me, as well as Reina will help you”

“Yes. Thank you very much”

Anticlimactic, would be what this is. 

I was so enthusiastic that I got into enemy territory, but the people here一一how should I say it, everyone is mild mannered, and really friendly. 

The only one who didn’t look the least bit interested, was the red haired girl called Lara from earlier, the rest were all smiling. Compared to the people met at the water and on the street, the difference was obvious. 

With Ai-Fa who once rejected a marriage request from the clan head Donda-Ruu, and in front of an unfamiliar foreigner (actually an otherworlder), this is quite a generous response isn’t it. 

Nee……before that, I just want to confirm one thingg……”

With that, a strangely seductive voice was tossed towards me. 

Young but older than me, she was the woman who wasn’t holding the baby. 

Her long chestnut coloured hair, was tied and on her right. Her body where only her chest and waist were covered, drew an unnecessarily sexy line. 

“Fa clan’s Asuta. You, were born in a foreign country rightt? Even so you didn’t name where you were born, is there a reason I wonder……?”

“No. I’m not hiding it or anything but……”

About this matter, I’ve discussed it with Ai-Fa at quite an early stage. 

I can’t prove my identity, so from now on what stance should I take in relation to this world. I didn’t have too many options, so I didn’t have any trouble making a decision. 

“Apparently the country of my birth, seems to not be recognized at all in this place. ……My birthplace is, a country called Japan”

The path that me and Ai-Fa chose. It was “to speak honestly”.

“About 5 days ago, I woke up in the forest at the foot of mount Morga, but why I was in such a place, I have no idea. People here don’t know of the country Japan, and I’ve never heard of the continent named Amshorn. Even so our words are properly transmitted like this. What this is, I’m frankly still in a state where I have no idea”

If I told a lie, it would eventually slip out. 

And also, in the unlikely event that there’s a person who has the same circumstances as me in this world, I might miss them from right under my nose as a consequence. 

That’s why I, without knowing what I didn’t know as is, decided to expose my own identity. 

The only thing, “I should have died but I came back to life in this world” not mentioning only this special and crazy point, was what Ai-Fa and I agreed upon. 

Fuun……not knowing Amshorn, a foreigner? A person like that, in the middle of such a continent, nee……?”

She had a peculiar prolonged way of speaking, as well as sleepy droopy eyes, making her an unreasonably sensual onee-san. (TN: Lady)

But, to raise such suspicions, perhaps she was unexpectedly the most cautious one amongst them, as well as quick witted, I thought as I recorded it in my mental notebook. 

“I have no idea what’s going on either. So after, I met this Ai-Fa in the middle of the forest, and she looked after me a bunch. Well, it’s dangerous to let a person like me who doesn’t know the rules of the forest to go unchecked, she worried like that”

Hee……so your character was that of such a nice girl huhh, Fa clan’s Ai-Fa. I thought you were only interested in hunting giba like the menn”

I wasn’t a malicious remark or anything,  but it contained a provocative ring to it that made Ai-Fa frown. 

While giving a glance to the Ai-Fa who of course didn’t answer anything, the onee-san laughed with an “ufufu”. 

“Well, whatever the case, I’m looking forward to today okayy? Besides, you guys came for the sake of our dear granny Jiba rightt? My father had a somewhat annoyed face, but we all welcome you guys, and also have a feeling of gratitude. That’s the truth you knoww?”

Haa. You scared me” to the me who gave such a dumb reply, this time she put a fingertip on her plump lips, and chuckled with a kusukusu

I wonder if she had to accompany sex appeal with any gesture. 

“……I, am Vina. The Ruu clan’s eldest daughter. The second daughter is the black haired Reina, and the third daughter is the red haired Lara. And finally the youngest daughter Rimi. As for my male siblings, when they return from the forest I will introduce themm”

Her, moderately fat and smooth arms5, this time pointed to the older women. 

“The one who will be helping you from now on, the previous generation head’s wife, Tito-Min. ……in other words our grandmother. Next to her, our mother and wife of the clan head Donda-Ruu, Mia-Rei. And, eldest brother Jiza’s companion Sati-Rei, and her child Kota. The great-grandmother Jiba that you are trying to show compassion to, is sleeping in the house. It’s nice to meet youu, Fa clan’s Ai-fa, and Asuta”


  1. Like the ones you see in school life manga.
  2. Idioms make my life way too hard. Like, what does eating shoulders have to do with disappointment!… (sorry for the rant)
  3. Do you guys like “big sis”, “big bro”, etc better, or should I add them as honorifics as is, e.g. “ane”? Personally I lean to the latter…
  4. The word used here is for very close companions.
  5. Don’t know a better word than fat here, but MC’s trying to say that her arms’ figures are normal, the goldilocks of fat-ness, god how do I make this not sound like she’s fat!?

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