Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 24: ⑤The Men of the Ruu Clan

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Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


They, the men radiated some kind of a fierce force

4 men, of the Ruu clan. 

Standing at the front of the group, was the clan head Donda-Ruu. 

Whether in terms of age or in terms demeanor, there was no mistaking it. 

Height-wise, he seemed to be over 180 centimeters tall. 

Weight too, I don’t think it would be less than 90 kilograms. 

Wearing a giba fur mantle, a sleeveless robe, a cloth over the waist, a necklace with a tremendous amount of fangs and horns on it, belted leather footwear on his feet, and finally a huge barbarian sword and small knife一一they were all wearing the same outfit. 

However, only Donda-Ruu, had an unparalleled power. 

On his arms and shoulders and thighs and legs, mountain like muscles bulged.  

His chest and such were astonishingly thick, and his waist was also solid like a giant tree. 

And, his face was also very fierce, giba-like stiff blackish-brown unkempt hair, a beard covering the lower half, big eyes and nose and mouth, and deep wrinkles like cracks in rock slabs were engraved in his skin. 

Even though he should already be at a certain age, from his brightly glowing blue eyes, and his rock like giant frame, came a physical pressure full of energy and vitality. 

In a word一一he, was as if a wild giba turned into a human, a brawny gigantic man. 

(Compared to that, well……)

The men behind him, still looked human. 

Especially so, the person on the right hand side of Donda-Ruu, looked mild and benevolent. 

His build, was not as large as his father’s but was still exceedingly big. His arm seemed to be about as thick as my shin, and in fact, he was easily carrying what was likely a roughly 50 kilogram young giba with only one of his sturdy arms. 

But his face, the texture of skin was like that of a rock slab just like his father’s, his brown hair was cut short, maybe it was because of his fine thread-like eyes, he looked like he was slightly smiling. The expression floating at his mouth, was very calm. 

However, although he looked mild and benevolent, on his body clung something like an invisible force of a different kind from his father’s, for some reason I secretly felt that I wanted to definitely never offend this person alone. 

That person seemed to be reasonably aged, but the other two looked young. 

One of them, seemed to be a little older than me, and as expected he was skinny and tall, his face and body toned like that of a young wolf’s. 

His face, was slightly long, with a high nose, and his mouth sternly drawn, he might be quite a handsome man. Having grown long black hair which was rare in this village, it was tied behind his neck. 

Except……the long eyes under his thin eyebrows glinted just like his father’s, they were brilliantly burning like a beast. 

If it’s only his atmosphere, his may be similar to his father’s. 

The last one, was definitely younger. If it was my world then he would be about middle schooler age. 

He was a little shorter than me, and was remarkably thin compared to the men around him. But, even so there of course was no feeling of weakness at all, him and the young man from earlier, were carrying what seemed to be a roughly 100 kilogram gigantic giba on a grigi branch. 

His auburn hair was neither short nor long, his eyes were a bit pale, and except for the really devilish and rebellious look that filled his expression, he might have pretty cute facial features. It, was a very similar look to that red-haired girl that discontently received Ai-Fa’s mantle. 

Incidentally only he, on the shoulder opposite to the one carrying the grigi branch, was carrying a bow and quiver that I’ve seen for the first time in this world. 

Anyway一一these, were the men of the Ruu clan. 

The clan head Donda-Ruu, and his three sons. 

Ohh, wasn’t that a nice welcome, Rimi”

Said the father as his rough fingertips, picked up the earthen bottle of fruit wine from his daughter’s arms. 

Ah! You can’t, that’s for cooking use!”

“Hah! Don’t use clever words like ‘cooking’”

His white and tough teeth like that of a giba’s bit down on the lid of the earthen bottle, and the red liquid poured into the back of his thick throat. 

It shouldn’t be as much as wine but the fruit wine should that still have a moderate amount of alcohol content, was emptied in only one gulp, and the empty earthen bottle was thrown at his feet. 

Yoo, Fa clan’s Ai-Fa. Since your father kicked the bucket, it’s been about 2 years huh. Even though it’s been a while since we’ve met face to face, I can’t hear your greetings?”

His eyes in which dwelled a fierce fire, tossed a glance at Ai-Fa. 

Ai-Fa, pushed my body aside, and stepped forward in front of the giant brawny man. 

“I am the Fa clan’s head Ai-Fa. Today at the request of Rimi-Ruu, with my family member Asuta, we have visited for the sake of taking charge of the Ruu clan’s kamado

Fun. You’re still an unadorable brat. If you didn’t have such sharp eyes, you’d be a beauty like your mother”

His huge half giba half lion like face, was suddenly brought to the tip of Ai-Fa’s nose. 

“You’re imitating the men, wearing the giba horns. Can’t you realize that no matter how sharp you are you’re still just a weak woman, eeh, Fa clan’s Ai-Fa?”

“……I am the Fa clan’s head, and I will protect the clan. I should have told you that 2 years ago”

Surprisingly, even in front of these terrifying men, not even a strand of Ai-Fa’s hair was scared. 

I couldn’t see her expression from where I was standing, but I’m sure her eyes were blazing like flames just as much as Donda-Ruu’s were. 

It was as if, a wildcat and a herd of giba were facing off against each other. 

“Hah! How about it, Darm? If it’s better that way, then how about you become a son-in-law of the Fa clan? That way the Fa clan would be saved from a lot of troubles. But then you’d have to take care of your family’s kamado and raise the brats!”

Raising his huge body, the giant man bellowed out another thunderous laugh. 

The one who had a reaction, was, the second youngest man who had the same eyes as his father. 

His eyes filled with a boisterous light, looked at Ai-Fa with clear mockery. 

“I feel sorry for a woman with such beastly eyes. No, this one’s neither a man nor a woman, just a failure of birth”

Reflexively, I was about to step out. 

However, by Ai-Fa who was standing diagonally in front of me, I was quickly stopped. 

“We have preparation work for dinner. When the preparations are complete, I’ll see you then”

“That’s right! We’re still in the middle of cooking! Don’t get in the way of Rimi and the others, dad and the rest!”

Even a big man like this beast, can only be a father in front of his daughters as expected. Rimi-Ruu who picked up the empty earthen bottle and chided on, also didn’t seem to be scared at all. 

On the other hand, as for Reina-Ruu, while holding the flat basket containing the arias in her hands, she watched the confrontation between the men and Ai-Fa in a slightly confused manner.  

Donda-Ruu, after staring at his daughters, wrung out another “Hah!” from his throat, and replied. 

“That’s worthless. To put off other work, and prepare for dinner when it’s this bright out? To eat the life of a giba, doesn’t need any extra time and effort!”

“Like I said! This dish is for the sake of granny Jiba! The food that Asuta makes, is really soft and delicious!”

Then, with his back turned to his angry youngest daughter, Donda-Ruu’s tone changed slightly. 

“……If you can’t eat giba meat, humans simply die. Even if you’re a person of the Ruu clan, even if you’re the greatest elder, it’s just a situation where you can’t go against god’s rules”

Then, he lumbered away. 

Thereupon, something unexpected happened. 

Rimi-Ruu, fed his back a flying kick. 

“Father Donda you idiot! Why are you saying such mean things to granny Jiba! Even father cares about granny Jiba!”

“That’s right! Granny Jiba isn’t only the eldest of the Ruu clan, but also the eldest of the forest village right? Remarks that disrespect her, is it okay for the head of the Ruu clan to make them?”

Even Reina-Ruu, with a few tears in her eyes, shouted loudly at her father’s back. 

“……Fun” Donda-Ruu replied over his shoulder with no interest. 

“Well then, we’ll go clean up the giba”

His thick voice said as if nothing had happened. 

The turbulent atmosphere, slightly calmed down with that. 

Aah. Speaking of which, I didn’t give my name huh. I’m the eldest brother of the Ruu clan, Jiza-Ruu. Fa clan’s Ai-Fa, and her family member Asuta. Thank you for your efforts today for the sake of the eldest Jiba-Ruu, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart”

It was of course, the big virtuous looking man whose eyes were like threads. 

“……although, the Ruu clan entrusting their kamado to a person from another house, has probably been quite an unusual occurrence since the dedication of our swords to the western god Selva. Please understand that the clan head Donda-Ruu is in no position to welcome it with open arms”

“Heh! For the most part, old man is soft on little Rimi, and has been since a long time ago”

The one who responded so, was the boy with auburn hair. 

Immediately, Rimi-Ruu looked back sharply. 

“What is it, wanna fight, smally Rudo?” 

“I don’t need a smally calling me a smally!”1

The boy and the young girl glared like puppies. 

Compared to the previous scene, what a pleasant sight. 

“That small one is the youngest brother Rudo-Ruu. This is the second brother Darm-Ruu. All of us, thinking of the future of Jiba-Ruu, are heartbroken. If you guys can save the soul of Jiba-Ruu, we would all be grateful from the bottom of our hearts, and show you respect”

His mouth, was smiling calmly. 

However, perhaps because of his thread like eyes, I couldn’t read his emotions. 

“……but, should the Ruu clan’s kamado, and by extension the lives of our family be polluted, we will have no choice but to take up our swords. Only that, I hope for you to please keep it in mind. Well then. ……Let’s go, Darm, Rudo”

The 3 brothers carrying 2 giba, left from the dismantling room. 

After their figures disappeared completely out of sight, I let out a sigh. 

“Welll……they were some amazing people huh? This is the first time I’ve met with the men up close, but the men of the forest, are they all like that?”

“……The Ruu clan, is especially powerful in the forest village. If it’s the men that support that clan, it’s natural that they would have strong power”

Ai-Fa’s eyes looked at me from the front for the first time in a while. 

“Even if you’re scared now, you can’t turn back anymore, Asuta”

“No welll, maybe it’s because I usually live with a scary mistress, but I never felt scared. ……it hurts”

I got kicked on the leg. 

“But well, it’s mostly that dad, but the one who’s really scary, looks to be that eldest brother. I’m really fired up for that one”

When I said that, for some reason the close sisters looked back at me in perfect unison. 

“Asuta, that’s amazing!”


“The one who really scares me when they’re angry, is Jiza-nii. I, even now would cry like a child when I’m scolded by Jiza-nii2

Fu, fun

“Moreover, the one who was the most opposed to inviting Asuta and Ai-Fa to the house, wasn’t father but rather Jiza-nii. Jiza-nii, has a nature that values discipline over all, so to entrust the kamado to a person from another house, was something he couldn’t seem to accept no matter what”

“……Thank you for the valuable information. I’m getting more and more enthusiastic”

I wanted to scratch my head, but both of my hands were occupied by the arias, so that wasn’t an option. 

“Now then, um. ……Rimi-Ruu. Is there still any fruit wine in the pantry? Speaking honestly, without it it’d be pretty bad”

“It’s alright! There’s plenty! Dad drinks 3 or 4 bottles everyday. It’s hard to go to the inn town every time to exchange for it you knoww”

That’s great. Somehow the skin on my neck has been saved. 

Regardless, what I have to do is the same. With everything I currently have, just make the best food. 

(Not just for grandma Jiba-Ruu, but I also have to convince that big giba like dad, and the nice looking but delinquent gang leader like eldest brother, this might seriously be life threatening)

With such a strong clan head and heir, the Ruu clan’s future is probably secure, is what I think. 

(Ah, speaking of which……)

Meeting the men of the forest, this wasn’t the first time. 

At the fall of night of the day I was first born in this other world, I faced a splendid man didn’t I. 

To Ai-Fa who was devastated by the loss of her father, he visited with evil intentions, got the tables turned on him, and was sunk into the river, what a splendid man. 

(……The Sun clan, that’s their heir right?)

This is already, a situation where a conflict between the Sun and Ruu clans has started, so isn’t who will get victory or defeat obvious from the beginning?Dwelling on such silly thoughts, I along with the girls and my mistress, turned back into the kamado’s room.


  1. The word used here is chibi, but since it can mean physically small or a small fry, etc, I went with smally, blame it on my shallow vocabulary.
  2. Big bro/sis -> –nii/nee. Justification is that you wouldn’t really say “big bro” in english just as you wouldn’t say “Mr.” whenever you talk to someone. Real reason is because it’s easier to translate. Tehe.

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