Monster no Goshujin-sama: Volume 3 Chapter 15: The Wind Blowing from Serratta (Part 3)

Hi, to the new people at this website, my name is iwCJ. Because the other translator (The Fiction Factory) hasn’t updated this web novel in 3 months, I decided to pick it up for the time being since I was going to read it anyways.

However, I’m also translating another web novel (Isekai Ryouridou), which will probably have priority over this. I’m imagining a chapter every two weeks or so, but it’ll depend on how much time I have (shouldn’t be longer than 1 month though, probably…….ehe……).

Well, enjoy~

Translator: Ai-sama (it’s a long (very short) explanation)

Editor: iwCJ


~Iino Yuna’s POV~

After leaving Seratta, I ran to fort Ebenus. 

No matter what, I had to first give the necessary information to the expedition leader, Nakajima Kojiro. 

Lewis-san was assigned by Margrave Mclaughlin, to protect the soldiers from the fallen fort Tillia, and to prevent the spread of irresponsible information. 

Lewis-san who was fearing information leakage, did not use the telecommunications provided at fort Seratta to inform fort Ebenus. However, in this regard, if I talked directly with the leader, then that danger would diminish to the minimum. 

After that, I separated from the leader who was heading to the imperial capital, and made a u-turn. Going through Seratta, this time I headed south. 

As of now, the one thing that seems to be for sure, is that fort Tillia was attacked by monsters controlled by a cheat. 

Next, as for the person who has the ability to control monsters, or rather about them, there is information that two have been confirmed. 

One is Kudō Riku. To be honest, I don’t remember his face all that much, but I do have in mind that there was an underclassmen with that name. 

The other one, was Majima Takahiro. The same as me, he’s a second year male student.1

As for Kudō’s whereabouts, as of now, there aren’t any clues. It seems that he’s hiding in the sea of trees, but it’s also possible, that he may be hiding in human society. 

In contrast, at least, for Majima Takahiro, we know that he was in an inn town near Seratta. 

Shamelessly, he seemed to be acting together with the survivors of fort Tillia. 

Afterwards, Majima Takahiro disappeared, but according to Lewis-san, his destination, is most likely one of the 5 northern countries, Aker. 

Escaping from the empire that boasts great military strength, to a comparatively small country with lower security capabilities to wait for things to cool down一一that’s a reasonably understandable course of action. 

A safe route going from Seratta through Count Long’s (ロング) territory to the west, they seem to have already started working on it. Leaving that matter to Lewis-san, I decided to head south from Seratta, and investigate the route that uses an old mountain path that crosses the Kittles Mountains. 

Most normal people can’t use it, so it seems to be a route that had been forgotten long ago, but if we transferees display our cheat abilities, there aren’t many places that can’t be pushed through. 

Of course, there was a big possibility that this was going to be a miss, but this is a division of roles. At the very least, even if we were to investigate this route now, only I who’s been given the nickname [Idaten]2 could catch up with the party ahead of us. Even considering the danger of the route, this is a job that nobody but me can do. 

So, it was fortunate to get the testimony that a person who seemed to look like Majima Takahiro was spotted in one of the villages that I stopped by while I was in the middle of my pursuit. 

Now, it’s just a matter of catching up. 

I realized that the smoldering emotions in my chest were rising in temperature. 

Majima Takahiro. 

I’ve exchanged words with him before.

My impressions of him himself, weren’t all that strong. He seemed like a serious and sincere boy. 

However, the girl beside him, the sight of the two figures of him and Mizushima Miho being together, left a pretty deep impression on me. 

Mizushima Miho, I knew her in the world before the transfer. However, I only became strongly conscious of her existence, after arriving at fort Ebenus. 

All on his own, the boy passed through the sea of trees and brought us information of the Colony’s collapse, Takaya Jun. 

It was for his childhood friend who is one year older than him. 

After a long and arduous march, his body and mind of a tough Warrior3 had been torn to shreds, but even still, as soon as Takaya-kun arrived at fort Ebenus, he appealed to us to help his precious childhood friend. 

I held his hand, and told him to leave it to me. 

So, when I saw Mizushima Miho together with Majima Takahiro at for Tillia, I was both relieved and angry. 

The heck’s with that. What will happen to Takaya-kun’s efforts, I thought. 

……Of course, in their love triangle, I know that I’m just an irresponsible third party. I also know that Takaya-kun is only Mizushima Miho’s childhood friend. 

But moreover, I have a lot of sympathy for Takaya-kun, so I told them that Takaya-kun is alive.

That, was the promise I made with Takaya-kun. 

Although, if I were to say I didn’t have the slightest bit of nasty intentions, it would be a lie. 

But, I understood right away, that it didn’t matter. 

The two in front of my eyes, suited each other so much.

They must have overcome great difficulties, hand in hand. 

To each other, it was natural to love each other, that was their atmosphere. 

This, whatever I do, there wasn’t any way to break them up. 

As a girl, I thought that the way they were was lovely. 

……Now, I can’t forgive myself for that. 

Because, it was all a lie.  

Next to Majima Takahiro, wasn’t Mizushima Miho. It was just an imitation of her appearance, by an ugly monster. 

Mimic Slime. That thing, by eating its target, it can imitate everything about it with its ability, a unique monster. 

Such a monster had the form of Mizushima Miho. which meant, that Majima Takahiro killed Mizushima Miho, and her corpse一一……

……I must confirm it. 

The atrocities that I heard of, I must know whether they are true or not. If Majima Takahiro is a murderer, then I will catch him even if I’m beat up. It’s for that reason that, as [Idaten], I have this power. 

With that single thought in my chest, I ran through the mountain path. 

And now, finally, I caught sight of their figures. 

“At last, I caught up”

The area, was a narrow mountain path. 

On the almost vertical steep cliff, running “sideways” with my proud leg strength, I, blocked their way on the mountain path as they walked. 

“……Iino Yuna”

The one who murmured that, was the wide-eyed Majima Takahiro.

The one who came forward to protect him, was Mizushima Miho一一simply an imitation of her form, a monster. Of course, if the information I got is correct, though. 

What looks like a mask wearing girl behind him, if you look at her limbs then she seems to probably be a doll type monster, there is also a beautiful arachne with the lower body of a spider, and on her head there was an inflated balloon fox child. From the back of Majima Takahiro’s hand, a vine type monster also raised its sickle-like neck like a snake. 

There was a girl who seemed to be an unacquainted transferee, and some elf girls who appear to be from this other world, but at this time, I don’t care about them. It didn’t matter even if I ignored them. 

The important thing, is that the information about Majima Takahiro being capable of manipulating monster, was true.

Although, that doesn’t mean that it equates to him being evil. 

“I’ll ask, only one thing”

So, this is my last check. 

“Majima. You, to the monster that you control, did you feed Mizushima-san to it?”

Majima Takahiro’s face, tensed. 

At that moment, I confirmed that he was my enemy.


  1. In case it’s confusing, she only means that they’re both second years, not that she is a boy or Majima is a girl.
  2. Do you guys prefer Idaten or Skanda?
  3. As in his cheat ability.

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