Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 29: ②Interlude Under the Moon (Up)

Chapter~ Some of you may have noticed (or not), but I’ve caved and picked up another web novel. Don’t misunderstand though, I’m still translating this *hiss*. Anyways, that means that Isekai Ryouridou translations might slow down even more, mainly because the other web novel is more interesting for me right now (I’m a sucker for action adventure isekais…heh…). Well, it all depends on my time and mood though. Enjoy~

(Also, the next chapter is nearly twice as long as this one, which is already pretty long by my standards, so don’t be surprised if the next chapter takes longer than a week to translate, wish me luck)

Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


And so, we’ve arrived at present time. 

Ai-Fa told me “you sleep first” and proceeded to head to grandma Jiba’s bedroom, but I was having a sleepless night. I was laying down on the ground in the huge vacant house, squirming around alone. 

(What the heck was that comment about poison! Dammit, that giba-like old man……don’t look so refreshed all on your own!)

Probably, Donda-Ruu, after seeing his family give us blessings one after another, became anxious. He was probably thinking, ‘did my family go insane一一or did I go insane?’. 

However, after hearing the eldest brother Jiza-Ruu’s words, he was able to get the answer. 

Just as grandma Jiba aptly said it at the beginning, ‘whether it’s delicious or not is different for each person’.

That, made me feel relieved. 

No one was insane, I was relieved, for sure. 


Essentially, that meant, that he truly thought [Giba・Burg] was [bad]. 

(That’s because each person has their own taste! There are people who don’t like hamburg steaks too!)

The eldest brother Jiza, and the second brother Darm, I didn’t know what they were thinking. It’s possible, that it was because of their opposition to me and Ai-Fa, that they didn’t want to say “it’s delicious.”

However, for the third sister Lara-Ruu一一[Giba・Burg] truly didn’t suit her taste. 

She praised the [Grilled Poitan] and the [Giba・Soup], I don’t think there were any lies or deception in her words. 

(But, in that case……rather than [Giba・Burg], giba nabe and grilled meat made from meat that hasn’t had its blood drained is more delicious, is that what it meant……?)

I sure, that that was the underlay of my feeling of defeat.

Me, feeling a sense of defeat from this, is it wrong?

While grinding my teeth, I put my hands on my chest. 

The necklace that Rimi-Ruu made……8 tusks and horns, rattled with a pleasant jarari sound. 

This was the first time in this other world, that I’ve been paid. 

8 out of 12 people, acknowledged  that my food was “delicious”. 

I guess I should be proud of that. 

I can’t really, feel like exchanging these tusks and horns for poitans and arias. 

It’s true, that to now make it into my own flesh and blood, may be the most correct thing to do. But, I think that the day when I can make such a decision, won’t come for a while yet. 

This, is the sign that my existence has been recognized. 

My existence having worth, they have recognized so. 

I’m happy.

I’m proud. 

Even in this other world, ‘I can exist’一一I feel like I’m allowed to do so.1


At the same time, my work had been denied. 

It was frustrating. 

It was vexing. 

It felt as if, my entire existence had been denied. 

That, didn’t feel like something that could be dispelled by the general belief that “everyone has different tastes”.

Especially一一the one who dismissed my food saying that it “was poison”, clan head Donda-Ruu. 

It’s only that big man who is reminiscent of a giba, that I can’t ignore, I think. 

(But, then, what should I do一一?)

Just when I was thinking that. 

Ton, ton, ton一一the front door was knocked on three times.


‘Is it Ai-Fa?’, I wondered, but would she knock?

I mean, I just learned for the first time, that the act of knocking exists in this world too.

Which means, that it isn’t Ai-Fa. 

“I haven’t lowered the bolt okay? Please come in” I had no choice but to stand up, while raising my voice. 

Rimi-Ruu, should have gone to Jiba-Ruu’s bedroom with Ai-Fa.

Which means……even if I don’t want to, I can’t help but think of Reina-Ruu’s innocent smile. 

Going against the clan head Donda-Ruu, the first one who imitated grandma Jiba’s actions, was her. I think she was giving a lot of glances of admiration during and after the cooking process. In this situation where I haven’t yet interacted very much with anyone, the people who would bother to visit me specifically, I couldn’t imagine anyone but her. 

However, with a girl with such a cute face, and such a rich style, and moreover she’s only wearing such a bewitching outfit, to meet up alone so late at night, I feel slightly uncomfortable. But, on the other hand, I can’t just ignore her. 

‘No no it’d be unexpected, but it could be a dangerous person like the eldest brother Jiza-Ruu, or second brother Darm-Ruu,’ while thinking that and bracing myself, I went to completely open the door. 

The one standing there, wasn’t Reina-Ruu, nor was it Jiza-Ruu nor Darm-Ruu, but rather an opponent even more dangerous in a sense, too dangerous. 

“Thank you for opening the door. I’m very happy~, Asuta……”

Just from that erotic voice, I could already tell who it was. 

From the gap of the only slightly opened door, with a body that was blessed to cheat levels, she slid in.2

“Wh, what’s up, Vina-Ruu一一”-san, I was about to add, but I stopped. In this world, there didn’t seem to be any customs to give such an honorific to a person’s name. 

“I wanted to see you~, Asuta……I, have something I need to ask you……”

“Something to ask me, is it?”

While giving the confused me a glance, she took off her leather footwear, which was easier to make compared to mens’. I didn’t give her permission, but she was already ready to enter the room. 

“I’m glad Reina didn’t get ahead~. If you were in the middle of something, I wouldn’t know what to do~……”

“Th, there’s no reason for Reina-Ruu to visit me you know? It’s only a relationship where we’ve cooked together after all ”

And you and I have an even weaker relationship don’t we, responding so with the feeling of a hidden meaning, Vina-Ruu nee-san3 laughed with a seductive “ufufu”. 

“That girl has already, been completely captivated by you you know~? Did you really not notice~? You’re very insensitive, Asuta……”

“Noo, I mean, that’s”

“Don’t worry~. I didn’t come here to get you to marry into our family~……Anyways, let’s sit down and talk shall we……?”

Softly, her excellent right arm that wasn’t too thick nor too thin with a moderate amount of muscle as well as a moderate amount of fat and wearing practical ornaments, wrapped around my left arm. 

‘Warning, warning,’ an alarm rang in my head. 

In any case, this woman, is excessively erotic. I had to add that much unnecessary descriptive language just to describe one arm, her body was seductive all over, and with her feminine curves, if you want to keep your reason then you have no choice but to close your eyes, she’s like a mass of pheromones. 

Her eyes were narrowed sleepily, and her lips pink in color, were moderately sensual. Her face is egg shaped and smooth, her thin neck stretches smoothly, her collar bone stood out clearly, her long chestnut hair clung to her rounded shoulder一一at this extremely close distance, I couldn’t lower my gaze any further. If I lowered it, something would be about to end. 

“……Shall we sit down?”

Saying the same thing once again, she tried to pull me to the back of the room. 

As expected of the people of the forest who spend their every day doing demanding tasks, their strength is quite strong. In addition, if I went against it clumsily, my bound left arm might touch any part of her dangerous body, so I had no choice but to be dragged along. 

Stopping near the window where a candle was lit, she slid her weight down right then. 

Again, for the reasons above, I had no choice but to sit down with her一一but, in the end, it turned out that my consideration was ultimately in vain. 

When we leaned against the wall and sat down, Vina-Ruu nee-san leaned her entire body on me as if she was waiting for this. 

Ano, I mean, that, wait a sec!” when I yelled out nonsense, her fingertip that looked like an art piece, poked my lips slightly. 

“Quiet……I want to talk about something that I don’t want my family to hear……”

With her words, came a faint exhalation that sneaked into my ear. 

My body, was already covered in goosebumps from that sound alone. 

Of course, not because it was uncomfortable. It was the opposite. 

However, whatever the sensation, when it’s unilaterally and forcefully given instead of your own volition, it evokes a feeling similar to fear. 

In the dim light, an erotic pheromone mass-like older onee-san, was closely leaning over me, and breathing into my ear一一that, while my reason remains, is just like a horror experience. 

(Aah一一did you make smoked food during the day?) and other such silly ideas, flashed through the corner of my mind as I was escaping reality. 

It wasn’t completely nothing. The refreshing scent of riilo and the stimulating and slightly sweet scent of raw pico leaves which clung onto Vina-Ruu’s hair and body, began to invade my nostrils. 

(It smells nice……but, there’s something that’s a little unsatisfactory huh……) as I was thinking so, suddenly, eyes blazing like that of a wild cat’s, snapped open in my mind. 

My reason and sanity that were about to collapse halfway through, suddenly regained their tension. 

Ai-Fa could come back at any moment in this situation, I can’t stay like this forever. 

Ano, what did you want to talk about? Not wanting your family to hear about it, it’s something that’s not very calming is it?”

“Yes~……I’ve come to talk about something that’s not very calming”4

Her left arm which was on the opposite side of where my body was, ton, put something on the floor. 

It, was a bottle of fruit wine. 

“Sorry~, I might be a little drunk……I too, think and care about my family……so, I couldn’t squeeze out my courage~”

“Wh, what do you mean? I don’t want to get involved in too much trouble”

In this case, it would be safe for her to think of me as an unreliable man.

However, Vina-Ruu gently shook her head, and put her head on my shoulder. 

“Asuta……you, what are you~……?”


“Looking at skin color and facial features, I can tell that you aren’t from this forest~……but, there are many people born in the stone capital. That part isn’t all that mysterious~. ……But, the food you cooked, was mysterious”

It’s a talk about cooking huh. If so, then since it isn’t dangerous, I’d like to keep a more comfortable distance. The dangerous feeling that’s pressed on my left arm, has been causing my reason, which was able to recover, to scream out since a while ago. 

“You, let alone the western kingdom, you said you didn’t even know the name Amshorn didn’t you~? You, were born somewhere far away from here right~? ……Where in the world, was it I wonder~……?”

“I-, I don’t know. The name of the country is Japan, but since I don’t recognize the name of this continent, Amshorn, I think that whoever lives on this continent, is highly likely to not know of the island nation of Japan”

“Island nation……that place, is an island nation~……?”

“That’s right. There are a few continents around it, but I’ve never even heard of Amshorn”

“Is that so……that nice~……”

Vina-Ruu’s warm fingertips, gently rested themselves on my chest. 

A chill ran through me once again. 

“Asuta……will you take me back to your mysterious birthplace……?”

She said so. 

Vina-Ruu, like a madarama snake, wrapped around me with her entire body.


  1. MC experiencing a full blow isekai-existential crisis.
  2. Yes, he both says that he completely opened the door and only looked through the small crack of the opened door. My guess is that he opened the door while staying behind it.
  3. For those who are completely new to this and don’t know, nee-san means older sister, or older woman, generally in her 20s or so.
  4. Not sure how to TL (穏やかでない).

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