Monster no Goshujin-sama: Volume 3 Chapter 16: The Girl Who Sprints

Chapter~!! I’m honestly impressed with how fast I managed to translate this. Even though it’s longer than Isekai Ryouridou chapters. Friggin’ paragraphs.

Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


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Idaten appears.


“Majima. You, to the monster that you control, did you feed Mizushima-san to it?”

The words that were tossed at me, were as if pierced directly in my heart. 

Someday, somewhere, someone, might ask me about that.

I had at least thought it to be like that. 

I might be cursed at. I might be despised. I might be condemned. 

That’s what I thought, and I was aware that it would be natural. 

So, I was prepared. 

But, that question was so sudden, that I didn’t even have time to armor my heart.  

I didn’t have the time to think about what to do. I couldn’t grasp the idea of deception. As a result, my response, was an answer. 

“Bull’s-eye, I guess”

Examining my breath-taken face, Iino’s eyes filled with the glint of a sharp blade. 

“You, villain”


I broke out in a cold sweat. 

‘Why are you in this place, and for what reason are you chasing me’, my mouth froze up as I tried to ask those questions. 

Fear that wouldn’t even allow breathing surged up, blood was drained from my face, and my cold limbs became numb. 

By the hostility released, I felt as if my heart was being grasped. 

That, was how overwhelming the girl in front of me was. 

Iino, had just recognized me as an enemy. She hadn’t even yet drawn her sword. And yet, the very root of my living being, was loudly screaming out at the impending danger. 

If a mouse was going to be trampled by a lion’s forelimbs, who showed its fangs and roared at it, I’m sure, that it would possibly feel like this. 

The fact that I thought up that metaphor, meant that I instinctively knew, that I couldn’t run away from the girl in front of me no matter what I thought up. 


Naturally, during such a desperate crisis, my family wouldn’t be silently watching. 

In order to eliminate the danger, everyone started moving in a frenzied manner.

To call that an overly sensitive reaction, would be a bit harsh.  

A person suddenly appeared without warning, and became hostile to me, their master. 

Judging the difference in ability between me and her that I could feel on my skin, it, was equivalent to showing them an image of their master being shot by the muzzle of a machine gun. 

There wasn’t any leisure to think about it. 

The next moment, I could very well be a beehive. 

I couldn’t even laugh at it as a joke, our opponent was that overwhelming. 

Thus, our counterattack was almost a reflex. 

Through the pass, I could feel that all my family members started moving at the same time to intercept her. 


Due to the relation of each’s speed and role, the first to attack Iino, was my strongest family member, the white spider. 

Gerbera who threw away the car she was carrying, rushed forward with an explosive force. 

That which she’s good at, being her spider leg stab with jumping momentum, slashed Iino’s throat.

……was, what I saw. 

Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew it wouldn’t be so easy. 

Gerbera’s blow, wasn’t a hit.

She gave the illusion that the attack had hit, that was how overwhelming her speed is. 

Just before eating the attack, Iino moved. 

Like a switch, static switched to motion. Her slender body, reached top speed in an instant. 


She shifted her body and dodged the spider leg. The leg that stuck out in front of her, was slashed off from the side with the slender sword she pulled out earlier. 

Using her left foot as a pivot, she got a direct hit by releasing a roundhouse kick on the back of Gerbera’s head. 


With the momentum of her charge, Gerbera who was hit on the back of her head couldn’t stop. 

Passing by her who had collapsed and was lying down on the ground, Iino looked towards me. 

“Are you going to resist?”


“Well, i don’t really care. I just have to beat the crap out of you”

I had a lot to say, but I didn’t even have time to open my mouth.

Iino, charge towards me. 

In the past, I have seen Iino in combat. 

Her movement was so fast, that it was far beyond my perception speed at that time. 

The me now, is able to handle magic power even better than at that time. My skills in strengthening my physical ability through magic power has also risen, and my specs before strengthening, have also improved by having been trained by Silane. 

Perhaps because of that, [Idaten]’s speed wasn’t unseeable. 

……But, it was only simply visible. 

The figure of a girl ran past. Holding her sword, she swung her fist. Even Lily who was right beside me couldn’t catch up with her reaction, and couldn’t even stand between me and her. 

With an impact, I was blown backwards. 

For a moment, I almost lost consciousness. 

“M, Master!”


I could hear Rose’s and Kato-san’s voices, right beside me. 

A hard sensation. Seemingly, Rose, who was behind me, had caught me. 

Something thick, flowed out of my nostrils. 

Finally at that moment, I noticed that Iino had hit the center of my face. 

“……Are? That’s weird. I’m sure that even an imperial knight would’ve been knocked out by that one strike though. Your strangely sturdy huh, you”

While Iino flicked the sword which was now in her right hand which had hit me, she tilted her head. 

“Well. It’s fine. If this didn’t work, then I can just make it a little stronger. If you want, I could hit you as many times as you’d like”

“You, Iino……”

Other than that, I couldn’t continue to say anything else. 

My brain was shaking unsteadily, and I couldn’t put my thoughts in order. 

I barely gritted my teeth and raised my face to look up, and saw the figure of Lily who groaned. 

“……kuu, ugu”

Ah. That’s right. I’ll only say it once, but it doesn’t matter how hard you try okay?”

Iino’s left hand, was casually holding the black spear that Lily had thrust out. 

The hand that Lily used to hold her spear, was minutely trembling with all of her strength. But, the tip didn’t even quiver. 

“Among the members of the search party, well, my level of strength was only average. But, even so, I do have a cheat”

Looking at only me, Iino spoke in a tone of voice that seemed to be telling me something. 

Iino, as you can see, uses a speed-oriented combat style. 

But, that doesn’t mean that she’s weak in strength. 

No. She might be weak in strength, but that’s only when it’s compared to her overwhelming leg strength, which is a weird standard in the first place. 


When her spear was pulled on and her stance collapsed, Lily was swept off her feet. 

Iino who had easily removed Lily, and casually threw away the spear she stole, turned towards me. 

If this went on, we will be overrun without being able to do anything. 

Somehow……somehow, I have to do something. 

While staggering, I roughly wiped off my nosebleed, and glared at Iino. 

Hee, you won’t give up”


As Iino narrowed her eyes, I pulled out the sword on my waist with my right hand, and stuck out my left hand. 

My head is still shaking, and my thoughts aren’t clear yet, but there isn’t any choice.

Counter the attack. Suddenly without knowing why, she became hostile without any conversation, how could I accept to just be killed like that?

“Ma, terr!”

Asarina flew out from the back of my hand with great force, and Ayame rushed up to my feet, assisting by shooting out a fireball.


Ayame’s fireball, and Asarina’s vine stab, were easily cut away by her slender sword. 

No problem. The real battle, starts now.

“Take this!”

Rose, who ran past my side, attacked Iino from the front. 

She swung her bardiche1 with both hands, and tried to cut Iino’s waist in two. 

At the same time, Gerbera matched her timing, and attacked Iino from behind. 

Regardless of whether she took Rose’s attack, or dodged it, she intended to aim for the opening that will be created. 

Moreover, for good measure. 

Lily, who had fallen at Iino’s feet, thrust her hands on the ground because she didn’t have enough time to stand up, and vigorously kicked up with her heel by doing a handstand. 

It was an all-out-attack by my family members.

If it were the average person, even just one of their attacks, would be enough to inflict a fatal wound. 

If it’s this then……I thought, but then I was astonished by the scene that I saw. 

In terms of position, the first to receive an attack was Lily. 

Her heel that bounced up, made a crisp sound, and was all too easily caught by Iino’s palm. 


Her outstretched body, was casually thrown aside. 

Iino, who had removed Lily from the front line in the shortest time, didn’t wait quietly for the approach of Rose’s and Gerbera’s pincer attack. 

Unbelievably, Iino rushed forward with all her strength.

Iino who advanced as if to expose herself to Rose’s swinging blade, escape the bardiche’s mow approaching from the left, by stepping deeply to the right, earning just a moment of time, before she would’ve been cut in two. 

As soon as she stepped in, she released the twist on her body. 


On Rose’s flank, a strong body blow exploded. 

The bakibaki sound of hard objects shattering and being crushed echoed out, and Rose’s body slammed into the cliff face. With that impact, pieces of dirt fell as if it was about to collapse. 

The bardiche, away from its master’s hand, was stuck in the ground. 

In no time at all, Iino had defeated Rose. 

Then, the last one from behind, Gerbera attacked. 

This is a sure hit. It’s an unavoidable attack. 

However, as Iino stepped forward to repel Rose, the supposedly close cooperation, was slightly disrupted. 

It was only one step, but it was a distance opened up between her and Gerbera. While Gerbera filled that step, Idaten’s godlike speed, allowed her to turn back to Gerbera. 


Most of their advantage has been lost. However, Gerbera didn’t hesitate. 

The stance of the Iino who had just turned around, wasn’t perfect. In that case, then there was no other choice but to follow up right then. 

With the claws on the tip of her spider leg, Gerbera tried to tear Iino apart. 

Her opponent didn’t take a single step, and met it head on with the slender sword in one of her hands. 


An air-splitting fighting spirit burst outwards. There was power in Iino’s eyes, and expressing the strong will she held in her heart, her face tensed sternly. 

Holding her sword in her delicate hand, the gallantly fighting girl……I see, she has a radiance befitting of a hero. 

As far as I was concerned, it was simply a nightmare. 

Gerbera is strong. That’s the way it should be. 

Each of her eight spider legs are equivalent to the swing of a great spear, and as her monster trait, she freely manipulates spider thread, and has the ability to bind her opponent’s body. 

Her fighting ability, in the past, has even taken on that Juumonji. 

Even that girl, couldn’t catch up with Iino at all. 


This, is the realm of [Idaten]’s speed. 

Among all the cheats that had been lined up, two special names were given out. To what that meant, this scene, was the answer. 

From Iino’s right hand, countless silver glints gushed forth. 

Gerbera’s expression twitched. 

What kinds of offence and defence were going on, what was happening in front of me, my eyes could hardly keep up. 

What I could tell, was that every one of Gerbera’s thrusts were being thwarted. 

While the tip of the slender silver sword, was just quickly damaging her white-haired outer shell. 

“To a monster manipulated by a villain, this me won’t lose!”

“You, little girl……!”

Getting hurt over and over again, Gerbera’s sturdy white legs, in the blink of an eye, became tattered. 


The disadvantage was obvious. 

For support, I quickly sent Asarina into Iino’s flank. 

However, even that was cut down in her spare time, it didn’t even buy any time. 

While doing so, one, then two spider legs fell. 

“……ah, gu”

In less than 5 seconds, Gerbera lost her balance. 

In addition to the one left leg she lost earlier, two left, and one right spider leg were cut off, making her unable to stand. Iino looked back towards me. 

“With this, it’s the en……”

“Not yet!”

As Iino began to speak to me, she gazed upon me lightly. 

Gerbera who looked as if she was going to fall, then showed her tenacity and grabbed Iino as she fell. 

“You will not touch, Milord!”

Gerbera has gone head-to-head with Juumonji before. 

She’s no match in terms of speed, but if it was physical strength then she could probably compete with even [Idaten].


With this one last chance, Gerbera bit down in desperation. 


……However, even that couldn’t catch up to Iino’s speed. 

Iino, who let out a small scream, slipped past Gerbera as if by magic. 

The arms of that girl which boasted terrifying physical strength, ended up vainly scratching through thin air. 


The chin of Gerbera who looked behind her in a panic, was knocked up by Iino’s uppercut. 

A clean hit. Gerbera’s body, drew an arc high in the air. 

The white spider that had lost many of her legs, crashed behind Silane and Kei, who were standing side to side, and colliding with the car that was left there, she finally came to a stop. 

The strongest in my family, Gerbera, was treated as if she was a child. 

Of course, I knew that Iino and the other cheats were such existences. 

I thought I knew that. But……even so, this is terrible. With this, there’s no way for us to oppose her. 


With a scream, Kato-san ran out.

Iino seemed to realize with a single look that she wasn’t a threat. Iino who dismissed her with a glance, slightly exhaled while putting her hand on her chest. 

“……Just a bit, just now, I was surprised”

Gerbera’s all-in, ended up being only that much to her?

To such monstrosity, I was astonished. 

Gerbera groaned in pain. While she attacked twice, Lily wasn’t able to get in a single solid hit. With a cracked and creaking body, Rose was staggering…… .

We couldn’t not return the blow. At this rate, we’ll be wiped out. 

Something, was there nothing we could do? Something that could break through our current situation?

I thought about it desperately. 

However, there wasn’t anything so convenient……


I wondered if it was because my head, which had received a big blow, had recovered a little.

 As my brain searched desperately for a way out, at that moment, something caught my attention. 

In the situation before me, something felt out of place. 

But, as for what that was, i didn’t know immediately. 

I didn’t have time to deepen my thoughts. 

“Which means, that now, I will be completely serious……”

Iino mumbled so, so I swallowed my words and looked back. 


Then, the empty handed Lily lunged forward. 


  1. This is what a bardiche is:

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Of course Iino comes to makes an excessively speedy judgement, what else would one expect?

    Wonder whether Kato can straighten her out?


  2. “something felt out of place.

    But, as for what that was, i didn’t know immediately ”

    there’s always something out of place ,but he only figure it out later when it too late


  3. Oh course the more important question is, “Did you kill Mizushima?” but she can’t ask that because then they wouldn’t get into a fight


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