Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 30: ③Interlude Under the Moon (Down)

Too…long…dying from…paragraph overdose…enjoy…!… (also 30 chapters yay)

Translator: Ai-sama

Editor: iwCJ


“Wait, Vina-Ruu-san……!”

In my panic, I involuntarily called her with an honorific. 

In the meantime, her smooth skin slickly intertwined around my entire body. 

She’s extremely soft, and flexible, but still had a solid strength at her core, a woman’s body. 

“Not wanting to marry into the Ruu clan……Reina is a cute girl, but I too, aren’t that bad of a woman am I……?”

No, it’s bad! In a completely different sense though!

She pushed me down onto the fur carpet, and rubbed my body all over. Not with her fingers, but rather using her body. Her body, was rubbing my body all over. My flesh, to the soft but violent sensation, was about to disperse at any moment. 

A feeling similar to fear, froze my spine. 

And, on the other side of that, I’m sure that there was the exact opposite emotion stuck in my mind. 

My heart pulsed painfully, and I was gradually having trouble breathing. 

A sweet scent different from the herbs, paralyzed my brain cells. 

This was pretty much, raising a lit lighter, and swimming in a sea of gasoline. 

Once the flame ignites and spreads一一it’ll probably be the end of me. 

“I’m a woman of the Ruu clan, so I’ve been matched with various men so far……but, all of that, I’ve thrown it away……because if someone marries me into the clan, if I get married, I’ll then, never be able to get of of this forest……”

With a hot breath, those words were blown onto my throat. 

“I, don’t want to end up here……Granny Jiba, when she was eating your food, thought the opposite……but I, when eating Asuta’s food, felt a different world that wasn’t here. I want to go there……along with you, I think I want to go to your world”

Fuu一一she breathed out, and with that her heat and touch went away. 

Vina-Ruu, raised her body.

However, that was just preparation for the end. 

“Make me yours……and, you become mine……”

She was being lit by the orange light of the candle flame.

Vina-Ruu, touched the fabric wrapped around her chest. 

I gathered the grains of my reason which had nearly all dispersed.

From below, I grabbed her wrist. 

“That’s no good! It’s a taboo for an unmarried woman to show her body right? Then that’s一一no good!”

Her pale reddish-brown eyes, stared down at me. 

Reflecting the color of the flame, her eyes slowly wavered……somehow, she looked as if she was crying. 

Whether that’s the truth, I don’t know. 

But, Vina-Ruu didn’t try to remove my fingers, and without even trying to open her lips, she continued to stare at me in silence一一

Eventually, she slipped away from on top of me. 

“……I, wonder if I’m not attractive enough……”

Sitting beside me, dressed in a way showing half of her back to me, she dropped her line of sight downwards.

I slowly rose my body, and responded “I don’t think it’s anything about attractiveness or anything like that”

“For what reason am I here, with what method was I sent to this unknown place which I’ve never even seen before, I don’t know any of them, I might just be a madman who believes such a thing. With such a body, I can’t make any promises that I don’t know if I can fulfill, to have a close relationship with anybody……as expected, it’s impossible”

“……So, you don’t even feel like marrying that Ai-Fa~?”

My heart that had finally settled down, bounced once again with a strange feeling. 

What a bad night for my heart. 

“I wonder about that. I’m not sure. I think that she’s very important to me though”

“Honestly~. ……It’s like you’re telling me to die……”

“I, I didn’t mean it in that way at all!”

“Is that so. ……The only women in this forest that are unmarried at 20, have a rotten nature, or are women who are only a detriment to their clan~……”

She said, bitterly plucking the fur with her fingers. 

“The chastity I protected that was looked at with such strange eyes, was cruelly pushed back……Aaa, I really want to die~…….”

A, ano, Vina-Ruu……?”

“……Now, if you marry into the clan through Reina, I might just kill both of you okay~……”1

While very easily saying something very scary, Vina-Ruu slowly stood up with the earthen bottle of fruit wine in her hand. 

“And if you were to do something like marrying Ai-Fa, I wonder what I’d do~……with that girl as my opponent, I’m more likely to be killed……as expected, after I seduce you, I wonder if the happiest would be if I was killed along with you~……”

“No, like I was saying……”

“Knocking on the door three times to call the other person, is a sign to tie a vow”

With a smooth gait as if sliding, Vina-Ruu returned to the entrance. 

“If you accept then you open the door, if you refuse then you ignore it. That, is a law in the forest you know~”

Putting on her footwear, and putting her hand on the door, with half of her body outside it, she turned her side to me. 

“You accepted me. So, I won’t give up~. ……Well then, sweet dreams, Asuta. Don’t forget the promise of our vow”

The door clattered and closed, and silence returned. 

Then finally, I was able to relax. 

Aa mou, what an onee-san! I don’t even know her well! Really, gimme a breakk……”

I feel like I’ve been robbed of the calories from the giba meat I ate. 

I sank into the bedsheet, and shook my still somewhat pink-ish filled head to call back my sanity.

(This isn’t the situation to be attracted to sexual affairs! My pride as a chef is currently in tatters……!), when I tried to force my thoughts back into a serious direction, at that moment. 

This time, the wall, was knocked with a don

(What is it this time!)

Using the lesson I learned earlier, I replied only in my mind. 

But, what rang just now, was the wall.

It was the one opposite to where I was, the one without a candlestick, the wall with a window. 

If knocking on a door three times is a sign for a vow, what does don-ing the wall once signify? Is it to bring me food? Is it a protest to stop flirting?

No, that aside, the wall of an independent building was knocked on. The cooking room should be behind the house, so someone could stand outside, and knock the wall with their hands or feet. What would be the meaning, of such an act?

The outside of the window remains wrapped in darkness, with no one trying to bring themselves into view. 

(I don’t care anymore! Just call out to me if you need something!)

I again, laid down to form a 大 character. 

The door and walls didn’t ring after that, and the silence of night descended. 

Then一一voices of conversation, I could faintly hear them.

There was someone outside after all.

I don’t know what they’re saying, but it sounds as if they’re arguing or something. 

One is a man, and one is a woman. 

Perhaps, had someone seen Vina-Ruu coming out of here and was questioning her about it?

If that’s the case, then I shouldn’t get involved. I closed my eyelids, and decided to go to sleep if I could. The candlestick was still lit, but Ai-Fa will take care of it when she comes back. 

(On that note, that Ai-Fa’s being surprisingly slow huh……)

It’s great to rekindle old relationships, but it’s already deep in the middle of the night for the people of the forest. I wondered if it’d be better not to force the weak-bodied grandma Jiba, or whether perhaps it was grandma Jiba who wouldn’t let Ai-Fa go, while thinking hard, I surrendered my body to sleep一一

Then, I sat up with a jerk. 

That voice, I began to think that it might have been Ai-Fa’s. 

I don’t think that there are many people who would go out in the middle of the night, if someone was waiting for Ai-Fa when she returned from the Ruu’s house, it would make sense. 

Thinking about it like that, I couldn’t go to sleep anymore without confirming it. 

At any rate, the voices that could be heard from outside, were clearly those of a man and woman arguing. 

I’ll take a peek, and if it isn’t Ai-Fa then I’ll play the three wise monkeys.2

Deciding so, I headed for the doorway. 

I opened the door in a way that made no sound, and crept out into the open with only the moonlight to guide me. 

The voices I heard, were from the left side of the building. 

That direction, was in the same as the Ruu’s house. 

Stealthily, carefully, softly, I wrapped myself around the left wall. 

And then, I took a peek一一

As expected, it really was Ai-Fa who was there. 

Leaning against the wall, with her arms crossed, she glared at the face of the person in front of her. 

The man in front of her, was the second brother Darm-Ruu.

His eyes were just like his father’s, a young wolf-like young man. 

That guy, put his hand on the wall, and was looking into Ai-Fa’s face from a higher position. 

Could it be a kabe-don?3

Ai-Fa is less than 170 centimeters tall, and his is likely to be something near 180 centimeters, so there was a height difference of about half a head. 

Even so, Ai-Fa didn’t flinch, and was coldly glaring back at the other person, but the man’s face, was sneering at her. 

It wasn’t a smile, but a sneer. 

The man who was always cold and expressionless, was sneering at Ai-Fa as if she were a fool. 

“A woman like you pretending to be a [Giba Hunter], is just too laughable, Ai-Fa……”

I faintly heard his voice. 

“Everybody is laughing at you you know? A pitiful woman possessed by her father’s ghost, wearing a giba’s fur and imitating [Giba Hunter]s. ……Naa, why are you, trying so hard to keep the Ruu clan away?”


“These last 2 years may have happened to work out well by chance, but such a life won’t last for long. When you get old, and can’t lift your sword, what do you intend to do? If you turn Ruu and Sun into your enemies, nobody will help you, you know? While you have the chance, if you open your legs obediently, you can live comfortably for the rest of your life. When you become an old woman, nobody will accompany you, you know……?”

If this guy inches his face even one centimeter closer to Ai-Fa, then I’ll call out. By making that decision, I managed to deceive the swell of rage stirring in the pit of my stomach. 

If a weak guy like me were to try to help her, it’s obvious that I would do nothing more than hold Ai-Fa back. So, don’t get any closer to her than that you piece of shit. 

“Or, perhaps……you, couldn’t actually get rid of Diga-Sun that night? Maybe you still have lingering feelings for that dimwit, so you can’t marry another man……”

“No matter what, this guy’s delusions are going too far!”

I found myself yelling in anger. 

Darm-Ruu, didn’t even move a single centimeter.

But, there was no way I could keep silent.

“Asuta, what are you doing, you”

Ai-Fa, looked at me very coldly.

“Stay out of this, you fool. I told you to go to sleep first”

Ai-Fa’s reaction was, well, something like this. 

And, as for the man一一

He glanced at me as if he was looking at a pebble on the side of the road, and then turned right back to Ai-Fa. 

“If so, then just say so, Ai-Fa. Whatever the case, I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to show compassion for that dimwit’s used goods. But, if you……”

“There’s no way that Ai-Fa would be affected by that insignificant person! Do you have knot holes for eyes!? Or are you provoking Ai-Fa? Are you trying to hit on her, or are you picking a fight, if you don’t make yourself clear then Ai-Fa would be troubled!”

“一一Men’s mouths don’t flap, munto. If all you can do is keep the kamado, then shut up and keep the kamado

Without even looking towards me, that guy tossed out those words annoyingly. 

I, took three steps closer. 

“By munto, do you mean me? I can’t get angry if you compare me to an animal I’ve never seen before. Enough, hurry and go home already. Can’t you see the annoyance on Ai-Fa’s face even though you’re so close to her?”

Darm-Ruu coldly twisted his mouth, and brought his face even closer to Ai-Fa’s. 

Their noses were at a distance where they were nearly touching. 

My fury, spills out of my mouth in the form of words. 

Oi! If that’s the case then I’ll tell it to you too! If you can only hunt giba, then just shut up and hunt giba! Don’t even try to seduce the woman in front of you!”

From the man’s face, facial expression disappeared. 

His hand slipped away from the wall, and he leaned his center of gravity forward. 

And then.

His fingers, reached for the small knife on his waist. 

“Munto. You, dare mock a hunter of the forest?”

“I’m not mocking you at all! If that’s the case, then were you mocking me, when you told me to keep the kamado? Aah, I will keep the kamado! That’s my job after all! If you can’t even do your job, then you can’t be hitting on women!”


“Right now, the kamado at Ai-Fa’s house is left to me. However, until five day ago, the one who kept the kamado was Ai-Fa! She hunted giba by herself, and kept her kamado by herself! She did both the work of men and the work of women precisely all by herself you know? Are you able to imitate that!?” 

I, punched the wall of the innocent house.

“If you can’t do the same, don’t ever speak to Ai-Fa again!”

“Munto. You……are you picking a fight with the Ruu clan……?”

This, confused me rather than angered me. 

“Like I said, I’m not complaining about the people of the forest or the Ruu clan. I’m talking about you. Darm-Ruu, I’m talking about you individually. Don’t be rude to my benefactor Ai-Fa”

“……That’s enough. Hurry up and shut your mouth, Asuta”

Muttering that with a sighing tone, Ai-Fa lifted her back off the wall.

She unfolded her crossed arms, and passing in front of Darm-Ruu who had his hand on the small knife on his waist, she approached me. 

“Wait, Ai-Fa! I’m still not done tal……!”

“I’ve heard enough. No matter what you say, my answer won’t change”

Saying that, Ai-Fa lined up next to me, and with an even more sour look than usual, she gave me a quick glance. 

“I’m honored by your repeated offers, but I’ve decided to live as a [Giba Hunter]. I cannot marry into the Ruu clan”


“Also, topics regarding marriage should be run by the clan head. The Fa clan’s head is I, but the clan head of the Ruu clan should be Donda-Ruu. I would like to ask for future offers to be made along with the clan head. ……Well then”

Then Ai-Fa took my arm, and started walking away while half dragging me. 

Darm-Ruu was in the same position, his shoulders shaking, as he stared into the void.

“H, hey, is it alright to leave him like that?”

Ai-Fa continued to walk along the wall without answering, and once around the corner, she pushed me through the still open door, slipped in herself, closed the door, and after letting down the big latch, she was finally fully ready to yell “you idiot!”

“What were you going to do, chasing down that narrow-minded guy! What would you have done if he just slashed you with his knife right then!? I’m a guest, so I’m not carrying my sword!”

“No, but, he was saying such unreasonable things so……”

“You just have to let that kind of nonsense go! He doesn’t have the power to behave as he pleases without the clan head’s permission anyway! You’re unnecessarily, fanning the flames……”

She said, pressing me against the door, and grabbing my collar with all her might. 

Ai-Fa’s anger filled face, approached to nearly the same distance as Darm-Ruu’s from earlier. 

My nose was instantly filled by a mix of the scent of Ai-Fa’s sweetness of fruit, refreshingness of herbs, and the umami of meat一一it made my heart pound for no reason. 

Oh no. It seems that I still haven’t completely recovered from the shock from Vina-Ruu from earlier. If I don’t gather my reason, then this will become dangerous. 

Completely unaware of my agitation, Ai-Fa glared at me with strong eyes. 

“……‘Shut up and hunt giba,’ when you said that, it made me want to punch you, Asuta”

“Y, you listened to the end didn’t you? I just wanted to insist that there were no higher or lower in jobs”4

“Otherwise, I would have punched you”

Saying that, Ai-Fa suddenly pulled herself back, and moved her fingers from my collar to my right wrist. 

She grabbed my wrist with great force, and lifted it upwards. 

The skin on my knuckles, which hit the wall, was turning a tiny bit red. 

“This hand of yours, is for keeping the kamado, yes?”

This time, she gently covered my reddened knuckles with her opposite palm. 

“If you hurt it, and it becomes unusable, what do you plan on doing? Your hastiness, keep it moderate. ……This hand, is the hand that saved granny Jiba”

The sound of anger, disappeared from Ai-Fa’s voice. 

And then Ai-Fa, with both of her hands holding my right hand, looked to me with a slight upward glance. 

“Asuta. You, albeit temporarily, are a member of the Fa clan”

Un? Aah, of course. I keep the Fa clan’s kamado, a freeloader”

The tip of my right hand, was hot.

It was like, as if Ai-Fa’s body temperature was flowing in from both of her hands一一that strange feeling, somehow felt very comfortable.

When Vina-Ruu was near me, my spine felt such a chill. 

Ai-Fa’s body heat, gave me a sense of peace. 

Holding my hand, and looking into my eyes, Ai-Fa murmured.

“That’s why, I didn’t give you a blessing. Because blessings, are given from people of other clans and not between family. ……However, you have saved granny Jiba’s soul. And along with that, you have also saved me and Rimi-Ruu”

Aah. I’m glad that I could help”

“I, am grateful to you. I can’t give that any form一一but at least, for this feeling, I hope that you’ll believe me”

Because it was dark away from the candles, I couldn’t clearly see what kind of expression Ai-Fa was making, 

But, her shining blue eyes, and her quietly spoken words一一were the softest that I’ve heard from her, were kind, and also had the typical Ai-Fa-like strength. 

That wave of soft, kind, and strong emotions, flowed into my body along with her body heat, it was filling my heart. 

“I believe you. You saying that, makes me happiest”

Those words, naturally spilled out of my mouth. 

After squeezing my hand one last time, Ai-Fa’s fingertips moved away.

“……Don’t hurt the hand that saved the forest’s eldest, for the sake of a snob like that. That part of you, is certainly still half-baked”

“Well of course. I’m a legitimate half-baked person. That’s why I still need to stay diligent”

I laughed, but, when I remembered the pale profile of Darm-Ruu at the end, I became a little worried. 

Naa. Did I do something unnecessary after all? Did I just earn that guy’s anger for nothing?”

“It was unnecessary and for nothing, but there was no mistake in the words you spoke. That’s why that man turned pale and simply couldn’t speak any words”

Ai-Fa’s eyes, which had been slightly downcast, looked at me through her long eyelashes. 

“Well, for me who was being endlessly told foolish nonsense, it was rather refreshing”

“I see. If that’s so, then it wasn’t for nothing”

Fun” Ai-Fa said in her usual tone, and then started taking off her wrapped footwear. 

As she took them off, she asked “come to think of it, what business brought the Ruu’s eldest daughter Vina-Ruu to visit this house?”

“……Yes?” I tilted my head?

While on my back, appeared a heavy cold sweat. 

“Just as I came back, that woman had just left the house. When I was about to call out, I was dragged into the shadows by that second brother, so she didn’t notice me though”

Crouching herself down, this time she began taking off the footwear from her other foot. 

While looking down at the back of her head wrapped in beautiful golden-brown hair, I could only reply “I see.”

“No, that was, in the end, I don’t really know what her business was either. It looked like she was drunk”

Aah. She was certainly holding a bottle of fruit wine”

Finally having finished taking off both of her pieces of footwear, Ai-Fa’s body slowly rose up. 

Then Ai-Fa, pon, put her hand on my shoulder. 

“Well then, that promise of a vow that that woman left behind, what was it about?”

Ai-Fa’s beautiful blue eyes, clearly reflected the face of a young man tensing in shock. 

And so they lived happily ever after.


  1. TN: Yandere onee-san get?
  2. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” (
  3. Wall slam. Read shoujo manga for the meaning. Or search it on google.
  4. Not sure what he means by “high low” (仕事に上下などありませんってことを主張したかっただけだよ).

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