Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 31: Where is the Signpost①Morning of Turmoil (Up)

Hi, it’s been…3 weeks? Well, my motivation to translate Isekai Ryouridou dropped when I started translating Monster no Goshujin-sama after all (ehe). Since that’s the case, weekly chapters are going to be much harder, so expect chapters to come out whenever they come out. Enjoy while you can~!

TN: Once again, all hamburgers are actually hamburg steaks 🙂

Translator: Ai-sama
Editor: iwCJ


The next morning.
When I woke up, I couldn’t find Ai-Fa.

It was the morning after I was entrusted with the Ruu main family’s kamado.
The place where I woke up, wasn’t Ai-Fa’s house, but an empty house used by one of the Ruu’s branch families.

Its structure isn’t so different, but it’s two times larger than Ai-Fa’s house.
And, since the pantry and such were built into a separate building outdoors, the private rooms in the back could also be used as living quarters. But, as of our usual custom, me and Ai-Fa slept in our favourite place in the big hall, at least, we should have been.

That Ai-Fa, is nowhere to be found.
The matter about Vina-Ruu made me flustered, but I just pushed through with “I said that I didn’t really understand that drunk,” so I haven’t deeply incurred her wrath, probably.

Ai-Fa, where have you gone.
There was also that matter with Darm-Ruu, so I’m worried about that line of thought.

Ai-Fa called him a “small person,” but he’s the second brother of the Ruu clan, a man who seems to be very strong, as well as a man who has dangerous looking eyes which he got from his old man. Regardless of how Ai-Fa is, in this situation where only he is allowed to carry a sword, we should never be overly optimistic.

When I thought about it like that, I couldn’t sit still.
I grabbed the white towel that I had put aside, and while wrapping it around my head, I hurried out the front door.
The latch, was up.
Which means, that Ai-Fa had left the house of her own volition for the time being.

Outside, the Sun had just about broken over the mountain ridge.
I would’ve normally gotten up a long time ago, and at least be done washing the dishes. But just for today, I’m free from that task.

I stepped into the plaza surrounded by 7 houses, and looked about.

A woman with a large build carried an iron pot, an old woman tried to dry pico leaves on a wide cloth. There were also some kids trying to help, or trying to get in the way.
Although each house was beginning to unfold their respective morning scenes, there were no people around the main Ruu family’s house, and neither could I see Ai-Fa.

When we woke up, we were to say our greetings to the main Ruu family, and go home.
That was the arrangement, so I couldn’t understand why Ai-Fa disappeared somewhere alone.

Could it be, that the incident with Vina-Ruu hadn’t been completely covered up after all?
Did she get angry, and go home alone?

No, but, I don’t think that Ai-Fa’s the type that can hide her anger so well. Just before going to sleep last night, Ai-Fa was very doubtful, and very cold, but she didn’t look too angry.

Then, why?
Aah, if I was going to end up worrying about it this much, then everything一一no, one single part of it needs to be fabricated一一I should’ve just told her everything!

After all, I am purely a victim.
I was the one who was about to be deprived of his chastity one-sidedly.

She said something about a promise of a vow, but I didn’t know anything about the promises of this forest. And, Ai-Fa knows that I didn’t know about them. That’s because the knowledge I have about this world, is almost 100 percent, from Ai-Fa, that’s the truth.

(I see……come to think of it, last night was the first time we went different ways huh)

Of course, if it’s in the sense of when I’m housekeeping, then we often go different ways. However, because I promised Ai-Fa that “when outside of Ai-Fa’s sight, I won’t act as I please,” I never wandered outside the house alone.

Then again, when we went different ways, other than each other, there was no one for me nor Ai-Fa to speak to.
We spent the last 5 days or so in our own little world.

That balance, was broken by Rimi-Ruu’s arrival.
As soon as it was broken, there was all this commotion.

I was courted by Vina-Ruu.
Ai-Fa was courted by Darm-Ruu.
What unfortunate encounters.

……wait, this isn’t the time to be talking to myself!

Anyway, Ai-Fa’s whereabouts.
At any rate, I have no choice but to visit the Ruu’s house.
And, if, by any chance, Ai-Fa went home by herself after greeting them, I’ll just have to cry while chasing after her. Yoshi, let’s go!

“……Yoo, guest. What are you standing there in a daze alone for?”

Just as I was about to step forward, I was called from behind.
A boy with auburn hair, was looking at me dubiously.
The youngest brother of the Ruu clan, Rudo-Ruu.

Aah, hello……You too, what’re you doing here?”

He stopped behind me as he came towards the Ruu’s house which was at the inner part of the plaza, so he must have come from outside the settlement.

Nn一? I woke up strangely early, so I was just wandering around. When the women saw me, they noisily told me to help with the work”

After replying like that, he yawned with a big “fwaa.”
Smaller and thinner than me at 170 centimeters, he was a boy with a rather cute face.
Of course, even though he was thin, he didn’t feel weak, and his physique seemed to suggest that he was agile like a young deer. The light in his pale eyes was strong, and his expression always seemed impudent.

“Womens’ work should be done by women you knoww. It’s ‘cause I’m the youngest brother that they can say whatever they like. ……So, whatcha doing, guest? Your name was, Asuta right?”

Un. When I woke up, I couldn’t find Ai-Fa, so I came out to look for her. Have you seen her anywhere?”

Saa? You’re helping the girls with their work right now right? ……If it’s right now, they’re prolly by the water. Over here. Come on”

With light footsteps, we started walking in the direction of the main Ruu family’s house.
The way he spoke was a bit of a mess, but he might surprisingly be a pretty nice boy. He definitely feels the most decent among the set of rough men, and moreover, he’s also the only guy who acknowledged our food.

Aah. You guys are leaving today yeah? Somehow, that’s no fun ya knoww. I wanted to eat more of that tasty food”

I was really happy to hear those words too. My favorability of him continued to rise.

“But, I’ve more or less taught the women how to make it, so yeah. Even without me, I’m sure that they’ll be able to make delicious meals”

“Were our girls even able to imitate such skillfulness!? ‘Sides, that soft giba meat called [hamburger], my old man would never allow it. Even if we could make something tasty, only granny Jiba would be eating it”

His eyes, looked at me as if he was sulking.

Naa, Asuta, ya sure you don’t wanna marry into my family? If doesn’t matter if it’s Reina-nee or Vina-nee, just attack and devour them without thinking too hard”

“That’s a horrible thing to say as their little brother you know……and you don’t care if your precious sisters got matched with someone like that?”

“I’m gonna marry someday, so it’s the same thing. I mean, if I get married, then I’ll be in a different clan, but if you marry in, you could stay in the Ruu clan for the rest of your life. So, wouldn’t that be better?”

Umu. He seems to hold a strong love for his sisters, but it’s a feeling that I, as a person from another world, can’t understand as I am now. A man who would attack and devour without thinking too hard, I wonder if this boy could respect such a person as his brother-in-law.

“‘Cause like, Reina-nee’s already 17, and Vina-nee’s already 20 you know? ‘Why haven’t the women of the main Ruu family married even at that age,’ the people around me have been noisy about that too lately. Getting married quickly, getting pregnant with a brat, and enlarging the family, it’s a fine job for women right?”

Fumu. By the way, how old are you?”

“15. ……Naa, dontcha think it’s about time you stopped calling me “you”? It’s kinda a pain in the back”1

“Sorry sorry. Ah, the water’s over there?”

“Over here”

He really is something of an easy-going boy.
With this, I’ve spoken to almost everyone except the third sister Lara-Ruu, and these siblings seem to have a lot of personality don’t they.

With an uncanny power, the eldest brother Jiza-Ruu.
The one I don’t think I could get along with, the second brother Darm-Ruu.
A rough but friendly boy, the youngest brother Rudo-Ruu.

The one who was uselessly full of sexual appeal, the eldest sister Vina-Ruu.
Honest, innocent, and overly serious, the second sister Reina-Ruu.
The only woman who rejected my [Giba・Burg], Lara-Ruu.
Innocent and lovable, Rimi-Ruu.

The wide diversity, was stunning.
It’s really interesting that such a variety of children can be born from 1 pair of couples.

“So, you don’t feel like marrying in? If you want, I could lure out Reina-nee to you though”

Passing the Ruu family’s house, while looking to our right, we followed a road with quite a few shrubs.

“Or, you could hop in on Reina-nee while she’s bathing. Ya see, there’s that rule I don’t really get where if you see an unmarried woman naked, you either get your eyeballs crushed, or you welcome her as your bride, isn’t there? Reina-nee’s kinda timid, so if that happens, she’ll think that she’s got no choice but to just marry you, for sure”

“She won’t think that way at all! Or rather, I can only picture a future where my eyeballs get crushed!”

“But, it’s easier than attacking and devouring right?”

“The basic premise, is too wrong……Rudo-Ruu, you should give more serious consideration to what happiness means for your sister”

“She’ll be happy. ‘Cause she’ll be able to eat such tasty food everyday after all!”

It’s hard to give a pass to such a comment, but I can’t hate him just for inserting comments like those. ……Am I too simple?

But, honestly, Donda-Ruu’s total rejection last night really dug deep into my heart, so hearing those words was healing me quite a bit.

Un. Well then, as a last resort……you could try to convince my stupid old man, I guess”

“No, like I said, I don’t have the intention of becoming a son-in-law in the first place……”

“Not that. Convincing him of the tastiness of your food”

I couldn’t help but stare at the boy’s side profile.
Without noticing my gaze, Rudo-Ruu put his hands behind his head, walking with steps as if throwing his legs out.

“‘That giba meat, I thought it was super tasty, but my old man complained about its sweetness and softness to his own convenience yeah? Then, if you could make food that’s neither sweet nor soft, even my old man won’t make anymore guu sounds right? And then, if my old man recognizes your skill, even if our women made food imitating yours, he wouldn’t complain一一seems, as expected, to be the most impossible huh”

Even though that’s the most impossible, that’s the path I want to take.
However, I can’t find that path.

“……But, I don’t think your father will entrust me your kamado anymore”

Nn一? That’s not true. ‘I’ll make tasty food this time, so entrust your kamado to me!’ If you say that, he’ll be on board for sure. He’s not the kind of old man who can keep quiet when someone says stuff like that”

“……Is that so?”

Oioi stop that thought! What if you do a bad job and the fingers of both your hands get chopped off? Then we’ll never get to eat your food for the rest of our lives you know! ……I’d hate something like that, wouldn’t you?”

I was really wondering if I should give him a kiss on his smooth cheek.
However, it’d be troublesome if either me or this boy were woken up to a new world, so I’ll stop.

(I see……if my opponent really will be on board with this, then I’ll take my revenge by making another dish……!)

While I was secretly burning with fighting spirit, Rudo-Ruu grumbled out a “aah

“It’s the simplest for you to just marry into the family after all. I’d have to recommend Reina-nee. Even your ages are probably pretty much the same right?”

“No, we seem to be the same age. But, to talk about becoming brides and son-in-laws for a reason like that, is inappropriate after all. I want to live more honestly with myself”

Be faithful to my feelings.
Be true to my heart.

Rudo-Ruu said “is that so,” and let it go with a bored tone.

“Ah, you see that door board standin’ over there? Past that board is where the water is. I don’t wanna be made to help with the work, so I’m going back ‘kay?”

“Got it, thanks. ……Ah, it’s late, but thanks for this necklace too. I was really happy yesterday”

“The heck’s with that? Why’re you givin’ me your thanks for me givin’ you my blessing? That’s your rightful share”

‘Behh’ he cheekily stuck his tongue out, turning around with a kurun.
It really is in his blood huh. He along with his sweet little sister, both do cheerful gestures that really fit onomatopoeia.

Now then. Looking ahead, sure enough, several door boards were leaning against bushes in a row.
I don’t know for what reason they were drying out their door boards in a place like this, but from beyond them, I could hear the cool sound of splashing water and the cheerful voices of the women.

(Whether it’s revenge or whatever else, first, I have to get Ai-Fa’s permission)

While thinking about ways to persuade her, I walked closer to the water.
Their voices sounded quite happy. The one laughing, is probably Rimi-Ruu. She’s been in high spirits since this morning.

“Excuse me. Is Ai-Fa over here?”

Popping out from behind a door board, I looked towards them.
Then, I saw the person of subject standing in front of me.
Ai-Fa, was standing in front of me.
While drying her blonde hair with a large piece of cloth, Ai-Fa looked back at me with a puzzled look.

My field of view, is filled with the appearance of Ai-Fa.
My field of view is completely filled with smooth creamy chocolate-like shades.

一一When I first arrived in this other world, the first person I met, was Ai-Fa.
That’s why, at first I was convinced that Ai-Fa was the standard person in this forest. But, in truth, that was a complete fallacy.

Ai-Fa, isn’t standard.
Rather, she’s an irregularity.
She was a woman who swung around a barbarian sword, hunted giba deep in the forest, and possibly the only female hunter in this community.

That’s why, I’ve never seen a person like Ai-Fa other than Ai-Fa.
I couldn’t see any other girls in this community that have eyes like a wildcat’s, act decisively like a man, are this brave, this strong, and are full of vitality and fighting spirit.

What’s more, there’s a clear difference in outside appearance.
The women in this community, especially the unmarried young women, wear rather revealing clothes, so it was easy to see that difference even just through their daily lives.

There were no women other than Ai-Fa with such a honed body.
Of course, though they’re women, they still engage in hard labour such as going into the forest to collect herbs and firewood, split the firewood with hatchets, carry heavy iron pots and water containers, so it can be said that there are almost no people who are lazy and fat.

Still, it’s definitely different.
Running through the forest, handling a steel barbarian sword, and hunting ferocious giba. The training for that, has sharpened Ai-Fa’s body as if her flesh were made of steel.

Her frame, looks rather delicate, her arms, legs, and torso as well, none of them are particularly thick. She doesn’t have the burly frame of a man.
However, strong, well developed and practical muscle is hidden within that frame.

Tightened like a leather whip, there’s no wasted flesh on Ai-Fa’s body.
Not due to an unnatural diet, but a slender physique sharpened by her harsh hunting work.

Even so, she still hasn’t completely lost the elegance and softness of a young woman, from her well developed spine, through to her tight waist, to the lines leading down her dynamic legs, still sometimes cause me to be shocked.

Like a wild leopard, Ai-Fa was lovely.
Like an excellent athlete, Ai-Fa’s body was beautiful.
As a girl, Ai-Fa was charming.

As an creature, as a human, as a woman一一I’ve always secretly felt that she had a lovely, harmonious, and beautiful body.

The Ai-Fa with such a beautiful body, had filled up my field of view.

With white scars here and there, her brown body, still smoothly glistening, without any unnecessary impurities, was now, being exposed right in front of my eyes.

Well, in short, Ai-Fa was naked.2

Standing on top of a rocky area, having gone stiff in the position of turning while scrubbing her wet golden-brown covered head with a large cloth, her naked body was exposed directly in front of my eyes.

Moreover, behind her, multiple women were frolicking naked, and it seems that some of them shrilly screamed as soon as they noticed me, but I couldn’t really perceive them.

Why is that you ask?
It was because mine mistress, whose blood was rising to her face as fast as a high speed rotating video film, who had a face that was a good combination of a bashful look and rakshasa’s expression3, had slammed a full power right hook into my temple.


  1. The Japanese tend to prefer using names in place of pronouns, or simply omitting the subject completely. I’ve heard that calling someone by pronouns continuously can be seen as rude.
  2. TN: I can’t believe MC made me translate all that when he could’ve just said this one sentence.
  3. Man-eating demon in Hinduism and Buddhism.

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