Isekai Ryouridou: Chapter 32: ②Morning of Turmoil (Down)

Chapter~ Translating time is still low, so look forward to the continued slow release speed!

Translator: Ai-sama
Editor: iwCJ


“You’ve done something troubling you know……”

In a vacant lot-like place not far from the main Ruu family’s house, the person who said that sighed deeply.
Taller than 180 centimeters, and with a large, well-trained body. His eyes thin as threads, and although he always seemed to be smiling, it was difficult to read his inner thoughts, he was the eldest brother of the Ruu clan, Jiza-Ruu.

Beside him, was the figure of the youngest brother Rudo-Ruu coolly gazing off into the mountains in the distance, and standing in front of them, were me and Ai-Fa.

It looks a bit like we’re being lectured by a guidance counselor, but in reality, the seriousness and importance of the situation can’t be compared to anything like that.
This, was a secret meeting between two families that would decide the fate of the Ruu and Fa clans.

“Seeing a woman’s naked body before she is married, is a grave taboo. You understand this, yes?”

“……Yes. Very much so”

“There is a law, that the person who violates the taboo must either give up one of his eyes as atonement, or take the woman in marriage. However, unfortunately, it is very difficult for Asuta, whose origin is unclear, to marry a woman of the Ruu clan”

“……Yes. I understand”

Moreover, at that place, my sisters Vina, Reina, Lara, and Rimi were all there. Taking four women in marriage, is even more unfeasible”

“……Yes. I am terrified”

“Having said that, Asuta does not have four eyeballs. Now then, what shall we do about this……”

“It-, it’s that you know! I’ve been saying it from the start!”

Even though it was a secret meeting, I couldn’t help but shout out.

“I’ve only seen Ai-Fa’s naked body!”

She kicked me in the leg.

“Because Ai-Fa resolutely stood in front of me, I could only see Ai-Fa’s naked body!”

She kicked me again.

“I was so distracted by Ai-Fa’s naked body, that I couldn’t even register the surrounding scenery! I couldn’t see anything but Ai-Fa’s naked body!”

Gashi, gashi, gashi,” this time I was kicked multiple times in a row.
However, I would feel very sad if he gouged out my two eyeballs and then something else, I’m also desperate.

By the way, my left temple is still throbbing and tingling from the full powered right hook. I didn’t see any bleeding, but I’m genuinely worried that I might have a crack in my skull.

“The heck~. Don’t get distracted by the women in your own clan. My plan’s getting ruined ya know?”

When Rudo-Ruu muttered that with a tone absent of even a fragment of seriousness, Jiza-Ruu slowly looked back at him.

“Rudo-Ruu. Do you understand the gravity of what you’ve done?”

His thread-like eyes, looked down on his younger brother.
Rudo-Ruu shrugged his shoulders, then quickly raised his eyebrows.

“What’s the problem! You’re overblowing it! That’s just an old mold covered tradition, isn’t it? Sayin’ it frankly, there’s not a single person in this settlement that’d dutifully follow a rule like that!”

“That might be so. However, now that the Sun clan has fallen, the ones who can serve as examples for this forest, are all in the Ruu clan. Even though it’s an ancient tradition, it should never be taken lightly”

There weren’t any particular changes in Jiza-Ruu’s expression. No matter how seriously he speaks, his face looks meek, so only it only looks as if he’s smiling.

But, despite that, Rudo-Ruu, who had been barking like a puppy, grew paler and paler as he listened to Jiza-Ruu’s words.

“I-……I got it. It was my bad. ……M, my bad, okay! It was my bad! ……So……d, don’t get so mad, Jiza-nii……”

“I’ll figure out how to deal with you later” he said, and leaving poor little brother-kun alone, Jiza-Ruu once again turned towards us.

An invisible pressure suddenly loomed over my head.
What in the world is the strength of this man? Somehow, the pressure I felt was as if I were facing a martial arts master.

“Ai-Fa of the Fa clan. About your clan member that has committed the taboo, what are your thoughts? After hearing what you have to say, I will make my decision”

Said Jiza-Ruu, very quietly.

“Near the water, there must have been door boards to keep people away. A door board is a symbol that represents the entrance of a house, and there is a tradition that one should not enter without the permission of the house’s owners. Asuta from the Fa clan thus broke two taboos一一but if it were you, what kind of punishment would you give?”

“……This man known as Asuta, is an outsider. I believe that it is my sin, as the clan head of the Fa clan, to have let said outsider pass through the gates of another clan, before I could convey the rules of the forest to him after having invited him into my clan”

Saying that with an emotionless voice, Ai-Fa quietly hung her head.

“Should you want me to atone for my sin, I will give you this eye. However, if I give you both my eyes, I will not be able to live as a citizen of this forest. Please forgive me for only using one of my eyes……”

Oi, Ai-Fa!” as I started to shout, Jiza-Ruu held me back with his hand and “fumu…” put a hand on his chin.

“Your thinking isn’t just slightly mistaken, Ai-Fa of the Fa clan. It would be impossible for you to lose one of your eyes and still make a living as a [Giba hunter]. This forest, is not a child’s playground after all”

“……If I rot inside the forest, I will accept that as my fate”

“I see”

Jiza-Ruu nodded once, and then looked at me with quite the irritation.

“Then, once again, I will ask. Asuta of the Fa clan. Have you seen the naked bodies of the my Ruu women with your eyes?”

“I have not seen anybody’s naked body other than Ai-Fa’s!”

During this time, I’m again being kicked.
Jiza-Ruu breathed out with a “is that so.”

“I believe your words, Asuta. ……And, if you’ve seen the naked body of no one else but Ai-Fa, the rest is a matter of the Fa clan. It is not a matter that involves the Ruu clan”

“……Will you forgive us?” Ai-Fa asked.
“I didn’t forgive, I believed” Jiza-Ruu replied.

“You are a trustworthy clan head, Ai-Fa. I believe in the words of Asuta of the Fa clan, of which you are the clan head of. ……Asuta, said that he didn’t step past the door board, yes?”

“Yes! Because Ai-Fa was standing naked right behind the door board!”

She’s still kicking me.
However, my heart was full of relief, so that didn’t matter.
I’d rather have both of my eyes crushed, than have Ai-Fa give up one of her’s.

“Now then, there was no harm to the Ruu clan, so let us ignore this matter. In general, if this kind of commotion causes people from other clans to shed blood, it could slander the Ruu clan as a clan that harms other clans with shameless schemes”

Saying that, Jiza-Ruu finally looked back at Rudo-Ruu, who had become completely quiet.

“Do you get it, Rudo-Ruu? Your behavior could have brought disaster not only to the Fa clan but also to the Ruu clan. You are no longer just a child1, so you must understand the behavior of a member of the Luu clan”

Rudo-Ruu, who could only answer “……Yes,” looked too pitiful.

A, ano, he won’t be given too heavy a punishment, will he?”

Un? Why would you care about such a thing, Asuta of the Fa clan?”

“‘Why’ you ask……even though he’s reaping what he sowed, it doesn’t leave a good aftertaste, does it? If I had been a little more tactful, there wouldn’t have been such a fuss.”

Fumu. ……Well, I can’t give him a punishment anyway. If I did, then the clan head will hear about this”

Even though the Sun has already completely risen, the clan head, Donda-Ruu, was still indulging in his sleep.

“If my father Donda were to know about this, even if it weren’t a rule, he probably wouldn’t forgive you. Especially for my youngest sister Rimi, who he dotes on. Far from your eyes, he may demand your heart”

“……is that so……”

“However, if that were to happen, the Ruu clan would be scorned as having a bloodthirsty tyrant as its clan head. I especially ask for this matter to not be brought to the ears of, of course, my father Donda, as well as any of my other clan members”

I could only say, “we as well.”
Your clan’s name may be on the line, but for me my life is on the line.

“Well then, let’s bring this to a close. The clan head has not woken up yet, so this Jiza-Ruu will accept your greetings on your way back. Both of you, I wish you good health”

‘You’ve done your job, so go home,’ is it.
It’s a bit painful to not be able to greet Rimi-Ruu and the others, but, well, it can’t be helped in this situation. We bowed silently, and headed to the Ruus’ house to pick up our blades.

“Aah, that’s right. I got a message from the patriarch Donda. He told me to be precise, so I’ll tell you exactly what he said”

Jiza-Ruu, with an expression that could only be described as a smiling face, called out to and stopped us.

“‘Thanks for the bad tasting food. Thanks to that the eldest was saved. Bless the great medicine that rots the hunter’s soul’……that’s it”


  1. I have no idea what this means (つかない子供).

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