Monster no Goshujin-sama: Volume 3 Chapter 22: Caught in a Spider’s Threads

I’ve only just realized, but there are quite a couple of spider waifus huh. Kumoko, Mio, Gerbera… Anyways, enjoy the chapter~

Translator: Ai-sama
Editor: iwCJ


“It seems, that it was not mine imagination after all”

As she said this, Gerbera raised her face.
From the space between her long white hair that hung towards the ground, a beauty that even a goddess would run away from barefoot appeared.

I was startled.
Because the gaze that Gerbera shot towards me, seemed to be condemning something.

I averted my eyes because I felt uncomfortable, but then I realized what I was doing, and turned to face her again.

“……What is it, Gerbera”

As I asked, a slight pain ran through my throat.
My throat was parched. The saliva I tried to swallow, got caught in my ragged breath.

Keho,’ after coughing lightly, I continued.

“I mean, if you want to talk, then even while we’re moving it’s not like……”
“This is what happened earlier, when I had just joined back with thee”

Gerbera interrupted my words.
With her strong gaze still fixed onto me, she opened her glossy lips.

“Milord, mine approach, thou noticed it not, yes?”

I doubted my ears.

Just now, what did she say?
When Gerbera approached, I didn’t notice it?

What’s she trying to say?

“Rose-dono, seemed to hath noticed it”

Not seeming to care about the change in my expression, Gerbera continued.

“…….What’re you talking about?”

My tone was a little thorny.
In this emergency situation, she suddenly started talking about something that I didn’t get. Anyone would’ve been like that.

“Is that something we have to stop our feet to talk about?”
“I hath judged it so, that is why I am doing this”

Even when I chidded her with a slightly stronger tone, Gerbera didn’t withdraw.
Her red eyes, were grasping me unwaveringly.


The uncomfortable feeling grew larger, and my irritation reared out its head.

The urge to shout at her to ask whether she understood the situation, sprung up from the bottom of my chest.
Even while we’ve stopped our feet like this, Lily was moving away. This wasn’t the place to do this.

“……Enough, Gerbera. This is an emergency”

I nearly suppressed my own emotions.
Even so, I couldn’t help but tremble at the end of my words.

“I’m unable to rescue Lily on my own. As I said earlier, I need your strength. I want to cooperate”

If we don’t work together, we’ll never be able to get Lily back.

I can’t do this alone.
This was also something that Lily once taught me.

As a master of monsters, what should I be like?
Hand in hand with my family, cooperating with each other, that’s how I should be as their master.

It’s currently an emergency.
I want the opposite of creating discord between me and Gerbera by carelessly venting my emotions at her. I have to calmly talk to her.

By telling myself that, I held myself back.

However, when Gerbera saw me like that, she bit her lip.

“……As expect, it has to be Lily-dono huh”
“What’re you……?”

I raised my eyebrows at Gerbera’s lamenting words.

“What’re you saying, Gerbera? You want to too, it’s not like you don’t want to get Lily back right?”

That couldn’t be.
As far as I know, those two have a good relationship. Although it’s different from their actual ages, Gerbera adored Lily, her big sister, as one of her family members.
There’s no way that that was just a facade.

“By any chance……do you think that I’m getting desperate to this extent, because it’s Lily?”

I spoke out the possibility that came to mind.

“If that’s so, then you’re wrong, Gerbera. Even if it was Gerbera, I would have tried to get you back in the same way”

Not limited to Gerbera, even if it was a family member other than Lily who was taken away, like what I was doing right now, I would’ve chased after Takaya.

It’s not a lie.
However, Gerbera shook her head.

“……I would not say so”

Gerbera’s tone of voice wasn’t like hers, and she seemed to be laughing somewhat sarcastically.

Seeing her attitude, I was almost wrapped in irritation again, but when I saw Gerbera’s face, such impulsive feelings were blown away.

“Mayhaps, ‘tis not mistaken, I believe”
“If the one abducted was not Lily-dono……then it would be Lily-dono here”

Hovering in her words, was only the feeling of helplessness.

Now with only four legs, Gerbera walked up to me as if impaired.
Her steps were wobbly and unsteady. She was like a flower being struck by heavy rain.

“Thou said thou need my strength. Aah, I suppose it is so. If we do not work together, we won’t get Lily-dono back after all”

Even while staggering, Gerbera’s eyes didn’t leave me.

“However. Is what thou need, just strength?”
“That is not what joining forces is all about, is it?”

She grabs me by the shoulders.
Gerbera’s beauty, came within breath’s reach.

Biting her lip in vexation, she raised her eyebrows.

“……What kind of face, is that?”
“That, is my line”

Certainly, it was as she said.

Gerbera’s blood red eyes, reflected the face of a boy that was worn out with unease.
I see. So this is me now, huh.

This is……terrible.

“Do not hold your anxiety alone. Do not bite down on your frustration alone”

Gerbera shook my shoulders.

“I wonder if thou art aware of it thyself……Milord, thou hath no composure. Thou art missing things that anyone could easily notice, that is proof”

――While thinking that I had to somehow meet up with Gerbera, I didn’t realize that she was already nearby.
――I missed the fact that Takaya, who was accompanying Iino, knew Lily’s true identity.

It’s such an obvious oversight. There might be other things that I’ve overlooked.

I could only call this a miserable situation.

“……I, intended to be calm though”
“Milord isn’t strong to that extent”

Gerbera was right about that too.

一一My precious Lily was snatched away.
一一Lily, who was taken away by Takaya, had the burden of having eaten Mizushima Miho.
一一I was blamed for causing Takaya to go astray from his path.

Holding all these things within him alone, and still remaining calm; Majima Takahiro isn’t strong enough to do so.

As soon as I accepted this, the fatigue I felt since earlier grew.
To be more exact, I could finally feel the fatigue that I couldn’t feel, is what happened.

I didn’t notice, but I got too heated up by the chase.
I was completely over-paced.

As Gerbera mentioned earlier, it’s unlikely for Lily to get harmed right away.
Even so, if we chase them in a hurry at full speed, the result would be us getting exhausted before catching up to them, and be of no help.

That’s why Gerbera stopped me.

While aiding in the recovery of my physical strength by circulating the magic power in my body, I chewed on my pathetic feelings.

I haven’t been able to put into practice any of what Lily had taught me at all.
While spouting that we should cooperate, I’ve only been tracing the shapes.
By now, I should’ve already finished what I can do.

After all this time, how could I have made such a mistake?

“If it were Lily-dono here, there would hath be no problems whatsoever”

Gerbera gave me the answer to my question.

“If it were Lily-dono, Milord could hath expressed thy unease. However, Lily-dono has been abducted. Unfortunately, ‘tis I here”
“‘Unfortunate,’ what’re you……”
“Comfort me not. I know that to Milord, Lily-dono is especially specially special”

I was about to say something, but Gerbera stopped with a shake of her head.

“Thy first family. The family member closest to Milord’s heart. Conversely, that is to say……we are a bit distanced from the Milord’s heart”
“Therefore, Milord. I am not arrogant enough to believe that I myself could take Lily-dono’s place. To embrace each other, to share with each other, to melt thy hearts together……these are privileges only to Lily-dono, thy lover. I am not enough”

‘I know,’ Gerbera laughed.

“Therefore, I will not tell thou to cling to me. I will neither tell thou to hug me back. I understand that that is not something which a woman who thou have yet to answer the feelings of can do. Of course, I am not asking thou to respond to my feelings”

The hands on my shoulders, were now on my back.
It was an embrace as light as a feather. And yet, it was as if it enveloped me.

“However, couldst thou at least lean upon me? Come now, you hath done this once before have you not?”

What Gerbera was talking about, I think that it was probably that time when I was exploring the forest alone with her.
I was beaten down by the trauma I got from the collapse of the Colony, but Gerbera simply snuggled close to me.

I see. So Gerbera did this to remind me of that time, huh.

“Even if just a part, if Milord’s heart were to become more of ease, I mind it not”

The body temperature of another other than my own. Her heart transmitted through that path.
My anxiousness, melts away.

I was surrounded by Gerbera’s heart.
As I felt so, I wondered why. I, remembered the time when I met the [White Arachne] before she was named Gerbera.

It was a disastrous encounter.
Rather, it should be described as a confrontation.

I, alone, had been kidnapped to the nest of an arachne.
I was exposed to a huge amount of white emotions, painted over, I felt as if my heart had broken.
I was trapped like an insect in a cage, bound by a spider’s threads.

一一I, Milord. Even now, I wish to capture Milord in these hands.

Of course, that violent bondage, and this warm embrace, are completely different.
Gerbera, is trying to support my weakened heart. The affection she’s transmitting is pure, full of earnest feelings, and very warm.

But, in her essence, Gerbera is definitely a spider.

That’s what I thought.

Because, this time, I felt captured.
Much more strongly, than even that time.

I couldn’t help it, I was bound.

“……You’ve slipped somewhere, after all. Gerbera”
“There’s no way that you’re not enough”

I laughed a little at Gerbera’s puzzled face, and reached my hands to her back.

“I though, if I were to have hugged you, there’d be no stopping my feelings anymore”

Up until now, I’d retained the same sense of chastity I had when I was in my original world.
It’s not that I was particularly committed to it. As long as our relationship wasn’t in my original world, for the sake of facing my precious girls, I thought that I couldn’t keep it that way.

Even so, I dragged them on.

Perhaps, somewhere, there might have been a fear of change.

When I came to this world, I lost many things. I’ve inevitably changed.
So, perhaps unconsciously, I may have tried to preserve the parts of myself from my original world that were still in me.

Fear is like a wedge, trapping the mind.

But, it’s about time, for that too to end.

I, hugged Gerbera.
The body of this girl, hiding its terrifying power, was more delicate than mine, and her skin was so surprisingly smooth and soft, that I felt as if I was going to drown.

“I’ve made you wait, my bad”


Like this, I was caught in a white spider’s threads.
I could no longer escape.

I had no intention of running away.

And, at the same time, the wedge inside me that was holding me in place, fell out once again.

Through the companionship of these precious girls, the existence called Majima Takahiro will continue to change in this other world.

For better, or for worse.

That, was what I was thinking一一.


――Gerbera suddenly, raised her voice.

I was surprised, but still, I didn’t let go of my hug, and I stared at Gerbera’s face from up close.

Gerbera’s hands, which were supposed to be hugging me, formed the shape of a banzai, and the spider legs of the lower half of her body began to wriggle restlessly with a kichikichi kichikichi.
If she did that when she didn’t have enough legs, then naturally, she’d lose her balance.

U, uwah!?”

Holding Gerbera, I kneeled onto the ground.
Her beet red face right under my nose was cute. After her mouth opened and closed wordlessly with pakupakus, she spun out brief words.

“Th, thou hath surprised me”
“That’s my line. What’s wrong?”

I thought she’d be pleased though.
This reaction, was a bit unexpected.

“N, no. I was certainly happy”

I was wrong. She was pleased.
……But, then, why?

Gerbera answered my questioning gaze with both her hands up in a banzai.

“I was so happy, that I nearly inadvertently gave thee a crushing embrace”
“How terrifying”

This is the first I’ve heard of the term “crushing embrace.”

It seems that it was too effective. Gerbera’s red eyes, which until just now had been set on not letting me go, were now swimming in circles.

“What do I do. What should I do? I am too excited, I cannot seem to control my strength”

It’s a poor joke.
Or, so I wanted to think, but when I saw her spider legs plowing the ground, I knew she wasn’t kidding.

I pulled myself away from Gerbera, and let out a sigh.

“I guess we’ll have to wait until Gerbera can properly hold back herself before we can hug each other……”
Ah, auuu…..”

Gerbera let out a groan, and dejectedly slumped her shoulders.
There was the sound of protest, but she knew she was in the wrong.

Fuu,”I unintentionally laughed.

If it were the me until now, I would’ve probably pulled back here because it couldn’t be helped but…….


When I hugged her from where I was, Gerbera let out a strange scream.

“M, m-m-m-ma, Master!?”1
“You’re panicking too much”

I smiled wryly. I didn’t let go of her hand.

I’ve already been captured in the white spider’s thread, I can’t escape.
However, more than that, I have no intention of letting the other person go either.

“Once we get Lily back, and things calm down, let’s have some time between the two of us”
“Th, that is……”

Gerbera widened her red eyes.

“Thou mean to flirt with each other!?”
“……Aah, well. Something like that”

……She’s biting huh~.
A big part of the reason why she’s been holding back so far, maybe half of it is due to me?

Even so, putting it frankly, how do I put it? Depending on the person, they might draw back from this. Well, at the point when I feel that this is cute, I guess I wouldn’t be able to help it anymore.

“Th, then, at that time, k, kiss! Let us kiss!”

As I interrupted her, Gerbera nodded her head with a kokukoku.
After thinking a little, I replied.

“Got it”

Considering the difficulties ahead, a little reward is in order.

“T, truly!? It is a promise!”
Aah, I promise. So, for that reason as well……”
Umu. We will surely get Lily-dono back!”

I separated myself from Gerbera, who I was hugging close.

I clenched my fist.
I could properly feel the nerves running through my fingertips.

My physical strength has recovered by 80 percent. Thanks to Gerbera, my mental state is also back to normal. If it’s like this, then I’ll be able to do it properly.

With renewed determination, I reached out my hand to Gerbera.
Taking my hand, Gerbera smiled.

It was strange. Something felt different than what it was up until now. The physical distance between us should be the same as usual, but.
I wonder if I should say that the space between us is closer.

That alone, made me feel as if I was surging with power.

Yoshi, let’s go”

Just as I tried to set out, was when it happened.

“Close relationships are beautiful, aren’t they?”

In the remote forest of the Kittles Mountains, the voice of another person that shouldn’t be there echoed.


Immediately, Gerbera moved into a position to protect me from the direction of the voice.

“However, that one spider won’t be enough will it?”

As Gerbera glares ahead, a slender figure emerges from the shadow of a tree.

“If you’d like, shall I lend you a hand?”

Beside me, was the fishy ‘hah hah’ breath of a beast.
From the shadows of the trees, an army of shadow puppets oozes out under the sun.

“It couldn’t be……”

I widened my eyes as I saw the boy who appeared.

“……Kudou Riku”
“It’s been a while”

Along with a two-headed wolf, and an army of shadows, another monster user showed a smile.


  1. TN: Gerbera’s so surprised that she broke character.

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